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  tomleady 13:58 29 Oct 2003

Hi, i hope i'm putting this in the right section, FE, move it if you think necessary.

anyway, I have just signed up to a new host (click here), and it my site (click here) actualy works now. and i managed, somehow, to change the DNS stuff, so that my latest site (click here) is on the same host.

but i cant actually get on the host site. my IE freezes for a while, then i get a Page Not Found.

I;ve never had any probs before getting on, and i expect it to be sorted soon.

I was just wondering, for future reference, if there was a site anywhere that gives the status of other sites. ie- i could type hostdepartment in, and it would tell me if it was working ok, etc.

thanks for any reply. sorry the post is so long!

  A_World_Maker 23:03 29 Oct 2003

might be simply that the server is busy or down for maintenance, leave it for an hour and try again... I liked you website, but if I may... I had to switch off my pop-up stopper for it would work properly.... you might loose quite a few clients quite quickly by using this method

  tomleady 09:40 30 Oct 2003

thanks for the feedback on my site. on a thread in the Helproom forum, there was a thing about pop-ups. so i am currently looking at alternatives, becuase for the time being i like the little window.

luckily though, i am not looking for clients as i have a placement now. it is is merely to show that i can run a site, etc.

thansk for the feedback though.

about the hostdepartment site though, i still cant access it. i emailed them and they say there is no problem, but luckily they gave me a link straight to my account.

  Taran 10:19 30 Oct 2003

I tried you host last night and this morning and have had no problems accessing their homepage on both occasions.

There could be any one of a number of problems and you don't say whether you are trying to access their site using your own PC or one on a college/university network or if you've completely deleted your web browser cache.

Since two of us have so far managed to access the site without any issues we have to assume that the problem is local to you/your computer.

If you are happy enough to have a direct link to your account, all well and good. You could do worse to update your Flash plugin from the Macromedia site since your host uses Flash extensively on their page.

Which page not found error are you getting ?

It should have an error number and in some cases some descriptive text.

Post again with more and one of us will try and sort something out for you.



  tomleady 10:40 30 Oct 2003

i type in :click here
i get:

The requested URL could not be retrieved.
The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for click here
The dnsserver returned:

Server Failure: The name server was unable to process this query.
This means that:

The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.
Check if the address is correct.

i am on a university server. I dont have access just yet at home but i will try it. thanks

  tomleady 10:49 30 Oct 2003

at the very bottom of the error page, it gives:

Generated Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:49:20 GMT by (squid/2.5.STABLE1-20030219)

in case that helps

  Taran 10:57 30 Oct 2003

If you try it from home you should find that there are no issues.

It's a problem with the university network and nothing at all to do with your browser.


  Taran 11:00 30 Oct 2003

I knew it was Squid, but thanks for the extra information anyway.


  tomleady 11:11 30 Oct 2003

i'll try it at on a non-uni pc.

thanks for your help

  tomleady 11:20 30 Oct 2003

what is this Squid thing then? anythign i can fiddle with on my pc to get it workin?

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