1st spring 11:52 26 Oct 2008

Could you explain why when I hover over a photo I have taken it sometimes gives me the date, time and camera dimensions, Type MGI PhotoSuite 4, which I like. Mostly it only gives me dimsions type and size.

I am using Minolta Dimage G500, I also use MGI PhotoSuite, PC is XP Pro. What can I do so that it gives me the date and time taken all of the time? Thank you for looking.

  mocha 14:24 26 Oct 2008

Hi sea princess XP,

I have 'microsoft photo info' installed on XP Pro, a freebie off microsoft web site, when you right click above a photo a menu appears at the side which includes 'photo info' clicking on this gives you time, date, camera etc.

  mocha 19:28 26 Oct 2008

Hi sea princess XP,

If you wish to download this program click here

  1st spring 05:04 27 Oct 2008

Thank you. If I down load it will it interfere with PickAview, which I use when hovering over my pictures? This program is similar to Irfanview? or will it override PickAview?

  NewestRoyWidd1 05:28 27 Oct 2008

If you have Irfanview,and your camera is set up to record Exif information,you can view the details you want via the menu in Irfanview under image information.

  1st spring 06:33 27 Oct 2008

Don't know what happened I couldn't get this box up. I haven't got Irfanview I have PickAview. Do not know what you mean when you say camera set up to record Exif. I hover over the pic using PicaViw and I do not get the time and date pic was taken, as stated at the beginning, but sometimes it does show me, I do not understand why this is but I know I would like the time and date all the time when I hover over the pic. Will close now speak later, alligator. Strange my PC sometimes it will give the spell checker on this forum and other times it doesn't. That PC's

  NewestRoyWidd1 15:41 27 Oct 2008

Here's a brief explanation of Exif
click here

  1st spring 09:06 28 Oct 2008

Can't say I am much wiser. Is it telling me some programs stops me from getting the info I want? I use PickAview all the time, so why I can get the info sometimes and mostly not the others I don't know.

  Technotiger 09:53 28 Oct 2008

Hi, the info shown in your My Pictures is also influenced by the actual Camera that takes the pictures - some cameras are set to show all the details, like time/date etc, other cameras are not capable of showing this information. It is not controlled by the computer software, if the camera taking the picture does not also give the details, no software on earth will make any difference to what you see when you hover over the picture.

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