Infinity 2 - browsing speed expectations

  Gordon Freeman 18:48 29 Mar 2014

Hi All, just had this installed but am wondering whether I should expect to be whizzing through the internet like a speeding gazelle with this?

Speedtest advises dl 71 mbps, ul 16 mbps, ping 23 ms.

The stats may look impressive, but to be honest I'm not noticing anything outstanding, performance-wise, when I'm browsing the web via IE11. Doesn't matter if I'm on my laptop via wifi on win 8.1, or via desktop on win 7, which is hard wired to the hub; still nothing special when browsing.

Dl a film, or music is very fast, which is what I expected, but general surfing isn't that much different to non-Infinity 2. I'm not saying it's sluggish or anything, but it's not 'flying' between web pages like I thought it might.

I'm not a techie, but am I missing something, or expecting too much?

  Gordon Freeman 18:52 29 Mar 2014

...maybe should have mentioned both laptop and desktop are both Intel i7's with 8 & 12 gb RAM respectively.

  john bunyan 19:08 29 Mar 2014

I only have a download of about 8 mbps. I do not download films nor play online games - applications for which your super speeds seem to be designed. Where I live I am too far from the main road to have fibre optic cabling. I shall watch this thread with interest, as I am actually quite happy with my humble 8 mbps and have often wondered, as you have, if these super fast speeds are discernible except for HD films etc.

  wee eddie 19:21 29 Mar 2014

I have been told that the speed of the computer becomes the limiting factor. How many Tabs you have open, that sort of thing.

  rdave13 19:28 29 Mar 2014

Browsing won't be faster, or won't appear to be so, depending on the web page and browser. As for streaming and downloading, that is where you will see the difference. I've gone from 6 meg to 26 meg and browsing appears to be the same. My partner sees a difference uploading photos to farcebook and I notice a difference streaming films and downloading. I also notice no slowdown, any more, with 5 different machines online at the same time via wi-fi.

  Gordon Freeman 20:39 29 Mar 2014

OK, thanks all, some interesting points & food for thought, although the deed is now done, as it were, and I have Infinity 2 now. I'm not a manic 'downloader' or 'streamer' so maybe I didn't really need it at all.

wee eddie - not many tabs at all, maybe 2 or 3.

rdave13, yes that what I had begun to think; dependent on web page...this one being a prime example.

I think the advertising & marketing is very clever (of course it is; it's BT), and if you have a low/med browsing speed connection currently, you might be convinced that this is the answer to your web browsing prayers, but the reality might be a little different. Things might differ case by case of course.

It might however be the case that having this enables the use of emerging technology more effectively, so will have to wait and see on that one.

  Woolwell 20:50 29 Mar 2014

I have 60 meg download. Concur with rdave13 that it makes a difference if more than one device is using the net at the same time. Some web pages open quite quickly but others can take some time and are not faster than when I had a pitiful download speed. A lot depends on the amount of traffic that the site gets, how good its servers are and how many ads and where they have to be downloaded from.

Upload is an interesting point as I only have 2 Mb upload. That is noticeably quicker than the 1 Mb that I used to have.

Reliability is the key issue.

  rdave13 21:10 29 Mar 2014

Woolwell , that's interesting. I have a lower download speed than you (under half) but my upload speed is over 3 meg.

  Woolwell 21:21 29 Mar 2014

rdave13 - I've just done a speedcheck and I have 3 upload. I'm with Virgin cable and I notice that at busy times eg now there is some throttling taking place and currently I am down to 45 download.

  rdave13 21:37 29 Mar 2014

Woolwell (with apologies to Gordon Freeman for slight hijack of the thread), I'm with PlusNet, unlimited and no throttling, I get a deep drop in internet connectivity at about 20.00 hrs. Lasts a few minutes then up and running again. FTTC, in my case, is in its infancy I think. Going back to the AOL modem/router days except that the speeds are incredible now.

Remember watching that blue line expand whilst a web page was loading?

  Woolwell 21:40 29 Mar 2014

I started with a dial-up modem and needed 2 telephone lines. I'm back to 60 now so just a brief drop.

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