Infected with spyware or adware?

  KevsPC 11:42 06 Jul 2013

Im running Windows xp. Im infected with spyware/adware. The computer runs fine when gaming, its as soon as i go to view web pages. One pop up keeps telling me Java is out of date. I dont click on that link but go to the Java page and try to download the latest version. It then trys but then tells me i have the latest version. Ive tried various spyware removal tools/programmes and they all say theyve found several hundred 'problems'. When i click to 'fix it now' it wants money! Im sceptical that these are also just adware programmes? Ive run my advanced Norton clean [the part where it says it may delete some programmes as its a deep clean-sorry cant remember what its called] and it found no issues, yet as soon as i go online, the pc slows to a snails pace and every page is proceeded by several pop up ads which i have to remove [some keep popping straight back up and take some removing] before i can access the page i want. Im using Google Chrome and i think it may be that its infected? Ive removed it once, and then regretted it as it took hours to get it reinstalled as the computer ran even slower while trying to load it and crashed several times, so im not keen on removing Chrome again. If someone can recommend a decent programme that will check everything and remove this malicious spyware/adware, that would be great! Preferably free, but also i'll pay a reasonable amount. One other issue which has also only just started happening since my problem, its my Windows Security Alert. Every time i log on it tells me i have no internet security, yet im running Norton and Norton seems to be running fine. Im also baffled by this! Thanks for any help/suggestion 8-] P.S. I dont understand computer speech/jargon. Im not very technical.....Thanks!

  The Kestrel 11:47 06 Jul 2013

Download and run malwarebytes from click here It is a free program, so becareful that you choose the free version. If that does not remove your malware first time try running it in safe mode on your PC.

  onthelimit1 11:49 06 Jul 2013

Download the free version of malwarebytes and see if that finds anything. Download link from Filehippo here.

  onthelimit1 11:49 06 Jul 2013


  spuds 12:40 06 Jul 2013

The problem in most cases is that the person using the computer doesn't do regular check-ups, but hopes the the computer will resolve its own problems, before it get to late.

Use the programme and download recommended above, you might also consider trying out SUPERAntiSpyware as a free download. Using the combination of both programmes, you might find that you will get some remarkable test or scan results. I have found both programmes reliable and safe to use.

A further recommendation I would, is download and use CCleaner, if you haven't already installed that program, and then run all the modules provided, and see if that helps?.

  spuds 12:44 06 Jul 2013

Apologies for typing errors, keyboard appears to be playing up :O(

  KevsPC 14:48 06 Jul 2013

Thanks guys. Ive ran the malwarebytes and it found twenty odd problems, mostly Trojan Vundo, Trojan BHO, Trojan Agent, Pup Install Brain, Adware Hotbar. Ive removed them, rebooted and its exactly the same. As soon as i go on Google, the full page ads pop up everywhere, some are ads which say im infected and i should click 'here' etc to remove them, which obviously i dont. Should i uninstall Google and re-install, though im loathe to do so as it took hours to get it back before? I'll try the safe mode thing, and i'll also try the SUPERanti spyware. Any other advice? I do appreciate it. Thanks! 8-]

Im also taking onboard the advice about most pc users never doing regular checks. I just assumed my Norton would do it for me.

  Jollyjohn 15:10 06 Jul 2013

Go Control panel, Programs and Features, Uninstall a Program, Put a tick in the box to show updates. Wait for the list to complete then look for the Internet Explorer Update, select it and uninstall the update. This will roll back IE to the previous version and should remove all the effects of the nasties.

Use IE to download and install a fresh version of Chrome and that should sort it.

  michaelw 08:57 07 Jul 2013

If the above doesn't work install ADWCleaner click here and read the running instructions on the download page.

This is what worked for me with the same problem.

  KevsPC 22:42 07 Jul 2013

Well ive managed to sort it. I used the Malwarebytes full scan this time. Took nearly 5 hours and got rid of several 'Pup Install Brains'.......whatever they are? I downloaded a new version of Google Chrome using Internet Explorer, but when i went into Remove Programmes it says the Google Chrome there was installed on the 16th June. Now thats very strange, because A. I didnt install it on that date....its been on for months if not years. B. Why doesnt it say it was installed with todays date?

To 'JollyJohn'.... i couldnt do what you said about ticking boxes etc. and uninstalling. No boxes to tick, unless ive gone into the wrong part of Control Panel? Could you re-check and re-post and i'll have a look to see if i can do it if i get the same problem next time?

While speaking of next time, i dont want there to be a next could anyone recommend what i do in future to prevent this happening again? I thought my Norton would stop this? Anyone any recommendations or advice on a new internet security package as the Nortons up in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the help and appreciate it! Cheers 8-]

  The Kestrel 15:49 08 Jul 2013

Glad you managed to sort out the problem. I would recommend that you keep malwarebytes on your PC and you carry out a full scan every week, making sure that you update the definitions before scanning. In addition you could also install SpywareBlaster from click here Again a free program that works in the background and only needs checking for updates regularly. Other forum users may suggest other alternatives, but these two have kept me free of malware for many years.

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