Infected e-mails

  zumlif2 15:32 08 Jul 2004

I have received an e-mail from someone I don't know which asks why am I sending him infected e-mails. These are spotted by his AV software. I am not sending such e-mails. How can this occur and how can we stop it?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:48 08 Jul 2004

It occurs because someone who has you in their address book is infected; most worms send mails using a spoofed address to make it harder to work out where they are coming from.

Not much you can do about it - he may be able to check out the headers of the mail and work out where it originates but that is not a simple task.

  Cook2 15:50 08 Jul 2004

Download click here and run it.

Also double check with click here

  zumlif2 18:03 09 Jul 2004

Thank you Deodorus and Cook2 for your rapid responses. I have sent your obvservations to the complainer but I have not had a reply from him. I sent him your comments and some others via a different server but I have not had a reply.

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