INF files under Windows (98 SE)

  WillyDR 07:09 03 Dec 2003

Is there any simple way to know which of those INF files are relevant to your individual setup other than going through each file and trying not to make any mistake when deleting those that seam not to correspond to the hardware that is installed on your machine ?
There is no "last accessed,...." Would bootlog.txt be of any help ?

Any other idea ?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:03 03 Dec 2003

Generally it is a case of trial and error - have a good backup (preferably a ghost image) and delete what you think are not relevant.

  Jester2K II 08:11 03 Dec 2003

What exactly is wrong with your PC and what are you trying to achieve using the inf files???

  WillyDR 19:47 03 Dec 2003

Nothing is wrong, but I try to keep a system as lean as possible which means getting rid of all the stuff i do not use/need, hence the effort....

  Jester2K II 20:26 03 Dec 2003

inf files must be, what, a few kb each? Why risk your system over a few bits and pieces no-one can be 100% sure you don't need.

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