Inexpensive Laser Printer required

  Southernboy 23:57 11 Sep 2003

I inherited my Dad's OkiPage 4W printer which is several years old and has finally given up the ghost.

I need a new (monochrome) laser printer for printing letters and spreadsheets. It only needs to be basic, does not need a lot of memory and operated via Windows.

Mainly, it needs to be really cheap because I am unemployed and have limited funds.

I have decided against Inkjet because of the limited life and cost of consumables. I have looked at a secondhand printer, but not for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

  fitshase 00:02 12 Sep 2003

Have a look at this one:-

click here

I have bought one myself and it is excellent for letters and spreadsheets. I bought it in order to print letters quickly and cheaply. It does the job without fault.



  Southernboy 00:17 12 Sep 2003

£65.00 is a little too much for my current circumstances. Is there anything cheaper or will I have to manage without for a while?

  goonerbill 08:59 12 Sep 2003

heres a site that lists mono/colour laser printers click here and fitshase's link is the cheapest available plus delivery charges takes the price to £72

  Southernboy 23:33 12 Sep 2003

I have bought an Inkjet. I was in town today and saw an Epson C44UX in The Computer World (Time) for £19.99. Of course, it wasn't quite that simple and the price was dependant upon buying a USB cable (not supplied) and an additional black cartridge. Total came to just under £45.00.

Having installed it, I found that what I had been told about poor value of cartridges was true. Catching up on my printing, some 70 pages used up 50% of the black cartridge, which costs £14.99. I didn't realise you got quite so little from each cartridge. I shall have to only print essential documents, I had become used to printing anything and everything at much lower cost with the old laser printer. I have no complaints with the quality of the printing.

I never realised that Inkjets, were so slow and noisy compared with laser printers - the action and noise reminded me of my Dad's old Dot Matrix printer of years ago. The box boasts 11 PPM, but it is nearer 1 PPM!! How can they claim that? Maybe it's because it is USB1, do you think?

The shop did offer to sell me a 'compatible' cartridge for £8.99, but I felt I ought to use the real thing for my first attempts, having never used an Inkjet before. Can anyone advise me on cheaper cartridges that won't adversely affect the printer?

  Djohn 00:31 13 Sep 2003

click here Compatible from £5.99. Excellent company to deal with and will replace your printer if their ink causes a problem. Though if you look at the Epson website you will find that of late, they do not class compatible ink as a problem and will not invalidate the warranty.

I used the above company for two years with my Epson 600 and went through many cartridges, each one as good as the original. You will also probably find that the first cartridge in your printer is a "Starter" and only half full, so the second one will give much longer life.

Regarding the noise and speed of the printer, then this is probably because of the lower price, and Epson do tend to be a bit on the noisy side. Regards. j.

  goonerbill 08:45 13 Sep 2003

have a look in the advert section towards the back of pc advisor, it has quite a few adverts of compatable cartridge and retail sellers

  Southernboy 16:02 14 Sep 2003

I have checked out the site, but they do not list the C44UX as yet. Have bookmarked them to check later.

As luck would have it, I received the latest PCA yesterday, which had a pull-out for click here which advertised cartridges for the C44UX at £5.99 for black and £6.49 for colour. Has anyone used this firm?

I hear what you say about printer noise but, having examined the printer, the operating method looks pretty much the same as the Dot Matrix printer my Dad had with his old Amstrad PCW some 10 years ago, with the print heads moving from side to side, driven by an elastic belt. It is difficult to see how it could be any quieter with so many moving parts. As a matter of interest, are all InkJet printers based on this same system?
And how can they claim 11PPM? My Dad's laser printer does 4PPM and is a good deal faster than this one. Not that it bothers me, since it will do for the small amount of basic printing I do, but I am puzzled.

  Southernboy 15:13 16 Sep 2003

using non-branded cartridges are are they completely safe?

Are there any to be avoided?

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