Inexpensive Inkjet Printer

  Southernboy 20:53 03 Jan 2005

Can anyone recommended a really inexpensive, but reliable (assuming this is not an oxymoron) inkjet printer? My 15-month old Epson has failed and having to buy another is a bit of a blow.

Are there any sub-£30.00 printers, or am I expecting too much? My Epson cost me £29.99 from Time Computers.

  Newuser2162 21:44 03 Jan 2005

I had an HP PSC1215 @ £99-99 18 months or so ago, best printer I've had, very simple and it scans and copies as well which I (and my teacher wife) have found very useful!!!! The PC doesn't even need to be booted up to use the copy facility. I saw the next model up, the 1315 I think in Dixons @ £69-99. A bit above your target, but no carriage charge and I would be very pleased to have one based on my experience of the 1215 but I just dont need one.

  rickf 21:46 03 Jan 2005

Currys was recently selling the Epson 200 for $49.99, Cricklewood Branch but I expect they standardised prices across their stores..if they are not sold out already. This is v. gd. value for this printer which produces exceptional photo prints.

  rickf 21:46 03 Jan 2005

$=£, sorry

  greenlamp 22:28 03 Jan 2005

If price is a significant issue remember to check both the expected life and cost of replacement ink cartridges. A vey cheap printer may end up considerably more expensive in the longer term.

  spuds 23:50 03 Jan 2005

I have just purchased a Dell 955 [Rebadged Lexmark]3in1 for £34.66 including vat and delivery.Ordered late yesterday evening, and Dell telephoned today 2pm to arrange delivery for this Wednesday.But you will need to be quick, the special offer finishes Wednesday 05/01/2005.There are further printers available on special offer with free delivery. click here

  THE TERMINATOR 01:21 04 Jan 2005

You want to get yourself a Cannon Bubblejet i350 or i450, it may cost more than you are wanting to pay, but you can get compatable cartridges from Morrisons, £2.99 for black & 3.49 for colour. In the long run these cartridge prices will make the printers very cheap indeed. Epson compatables are £5.00 at least. And HP or Lexmark cartridges are £25 to £30....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 01:26 04 Jan 2005

My Lexmark lasted 9 months and I got my Bjet i450 as a replacement and that was 16 months ago it is in use quite often and prints as good as it did when I first got it....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 01:27 04 Jan 2005

And it prints good, really good....TT

  jack 08:21 04 Jan 2005

They have said it all really

Cheap printer =expensive running costs[ink] usually.
Although compatable cartidges from the usual oft mentioned suppliers have narrowed the gap somewhat.

  rickf 09:16 04 Jan 2005

BTW, you can get replacement cartridges for the Epson 200 as well. I would also agree that the Canon i450 is very good too.

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