Inexpensive hard drive

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:49 05 Jun 2004


I'm need an inexpensive Samsung hard drive 5400rpm.

Anyone know a good place to get one, please?



  PSF 23:55 05 Jun 2004
  bruno 08:44 06 Jun 2004

I know it is not a Samsung but e buyer have an offer on a 40Gb Maxtstor at about £30.I bought one adnit is very good.72000rpm,though.

  Stuartli 09:18 06 Jun 2004

I've seen Seagate 60 and 80MB HDDs (some with 8MB cache) advertised for £45 to £50 including VAT - I paid £66 for a 60GB WD600JB (three year warranty) only a few months ago and a fortnight after buying it the spec was upped to 80GB...:-(

Scan of Bolton (click here) has 120 and 160GB drives at around £63 including VAT, but I would avoid the IBM similar models that are even cheaper.

My son had to have two three-figure capacity IBMs replaced because they packed up when used in a server. IBM's response was that the drives were not meant to be run for more than a few hours at a time - not much use in a server...:-)

More prices include 80GB drives for £43 and £45 including VAT from

click here

  rickf 09:31 06 Jun 2004

Bought a Maxtor 120g 7200 from Comp Fair yesterday for £55 inclusive. Fitted and working like a dream.

  sidecar sid 10:12 06 Jun 2004

30GB Samsung £31.98 at A.U.T

click here

Look under new limited stock hard drives.

  BIG ben strikes 10 10:27 06 Jun 2004

there was a set of 4 harddisks which were all 4.5GB but one of them was a 2.0 GB harddisk for a laptop.....also i thought i might coment on there was a set of 1400 harddisks for laptops starting bid at 99p.

  spuds 11:20 06 Jun 2004

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