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Indicator light flashing, HP Printer

  dangerus1 21:18 06 Oct 2014

I have a PhotoSmart A430 portable printer that I use connected to my desktop by USB and when I switched it on today the indicator light was flashing red, indicating a problem. I checked the cartridge was fitted OK and went through the procedure given in the manual ie. unplug power lead, leave for 30sec. I have updated the drivers but I'm still getting the red flashing light when I power up again. When I try to print I get none of the usual whirring noises, when I go into devices there is an exclamation mark against the printer.

  alanrwood 08:36 07 Oct 2014

Is there a paper jam. Often it is just a small remnant that is causing it to malfunction

  spuds 08:38 07 Oct 2014

Checking through Google, it would seem as though you have already tried some ideas to resolve the problem. Have a look at Google for more suggestions. Here's a pdf link to the manual and troubleshooting section, for anyone interested click here

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