Indexing on Vista - do I need it?

  AngeTheHippy 21:27 03 Nov 2010

Evenin' Chaps,

Just idly looking at the files on my lappy and found ange/searches/indexed locations. There is 17gb of files in this folder, loads of my images as well as loads of other stuff. Do I NEED these files, if I delete eg some images, from this folder, do I delete the as well? 17gb seems an awful lot of space being used!


  Nontek 21:28 03 Nov 2010

Indexing is supposed to speed up things, but in my own experience I have found that just the opposite happens most times. I stopped indexing, and have not regretted it.

  Nontek 21:30 03 Nov 2010
  AngeTheHippy 21:30 03 Nov 2010

Hi nontek, but if I delete files from this folder are they deleted from HDD completely??

  northumbria61 21:30 03 Nov 2010

See here - click here

  northumbria61 21:32 03 Nov 2010

Or if you think you may need it at a later date just disable it - click here

  Nontek 21:35 03 Nov 2010

When I stopped Indexing I did not lose any files at all - Indexing is just that, a list basically, created to supposedly make searches quicker.

  AngeTheHippy 21:37 03 Nov 2010

Well I've stopped/disabled windows search. It still leaves me with this file of 17gb. There are 5000 files in it... Don't know which ones I can safely delete though...

  AngeTheHippy 22:00 03 Nov 2010

Ah... Pennies dropped, I realise how it is. That's it then, I've disabled it!

Many thanks to you both.


  Nontek 22:07 03 Nov 2010

Can you see what the files are, if so, to be on the safe side move those files you don't want to lose, to a safe location (you could make a new folder) and delete the remainder.

  northumbria61 22:15 03 Nov 2010

Copernic Desktop Search is the best search/indexing tool - has been around for years - and is tried and tested. It is fast and "non resource hugging" - if you really need a search tool !

click here

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