kindly 23:48 29 Sep 2006

Hi everyone, I am trying to get my website up and running but I have a problem I just cannot get over. I have my site ready to publish but everytime I upload it, the index.html page changes its name to index.html.htm.
Also the site does not show at all. When i go to the site address I only see two lines of text. One line says "parent directory" and the next line down says "index.html.htm. I have tried to upload the index file on its own but the same happens. If you go to my site address you will see what I mean.............
click here
I have contacted the technical dept of talktalk and after trying for 20 minutes to get them to help me sort it out they just turned around and said " sorry we cannot help, do a google search to find out" then put the phone down on me.
So if anyone has got a website on talktalk or knows how to get it there can you please help me.
I have tried the "ftp" transfer on internet explorer and "coreftp". I get the same results.
Thanks to anyone who trys to help me.

  Forum Editor 00:09 30 Sep 2006

to design your site?

  ade.h 00:11 30 Sep 2006

It sounds to me like you may be seeing an extension that has always been there, but has not shown up locally because you have not enabled the showing of known file extensions (in folder options).

  kindly 01:04 30 Sep 2006

Hi, I have tied "coreftp" and "ewisoft". The latter I used to build my site. I also have tried the internet explore way of uploading by dragging and dropping the site files.

  splatter 01:27 30 Sep 2006

as ade.h says, it may be that file extensions are not viewable. So first turn them on. (Ask if you don't know how).

After that go to the folder where your website files are stored and find the file named index.html.htm and rename it to just index.html - after that upload it to your web-space and your site should be fine.

If talk-talk just "put the phone down" without so much as a goodbye then I (personally) would be writing to their complaints department :)

  Forum Editor 08:09 30 Sep 2006

is that some applications will add the file extension automatically, as they publish to a server. If you're using an FTP program to publish the site this isn't going to happen however.

Your site isn't showing because of the filename problem - it will be fine once you change that.

You can use .html or .htm as a file extension. In the past, software commonly only recognised a three-letter extension, and .htm was the norm. Nowadays modern software has no probem with .html, and although all browsers recognise both extensions I recommend that you stick with .html

  kindly 10:23 30 Sep 2006

Well splatter, that is a sore point. The reps on the phone say they dont have a complaintes dept. Yes I said dont. I wrote to the head office in London and never got reply.
Anyway, I rename the extension to html because the computer puts both html and htm on the file. Would the two extension letters cause the problem. I will go back and try to alter it again and see what happens.

  kindly 10:40 30 Sep 2006

Just to let everyone know that I have got the home page or at least some of it showing. What was happening was the computer was putting an extra file name onto the file so it was called "index.html.htm". So just to try it, I removed all the extension letters and it worked. Now I have to get on with the hard work and get the site done correctly.
Thanks to everyone for you help and advice. It guided me the right way.
Cheers again

  Forum Editor 13:20 30 Sep 2006

onto the file - your webdesign software was doing it, which is why I asked the question in my earlier post.

I can see that your site is now working, and as you say, now comes the hard work.

  kindly 13:30 30 Sep 2006

You are right forum editor. Thanks for all the advice.

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