Index.Dat files and Windows 8.1

  Jonah(without the whale) 16:03 20 Feb 2015

I am aware that CCleaner deals with Index.dat files for Windows 7.

I have assumed that there are Index.dat files in Windows 8.1, so can any one confirm there are such files and is there a way of clearing them down.

Ccleaner does not appear to be available for Windows 8.1

  tullie 16:21 20 Feb 2015

I have used CCleaner on 8.1 since its inception.

  Jonah(without the whale) 17:11 20 Feb 2015

Hi Tullie Thanks for your response. To save me wandering about, have you a link handy where I can get Ccleaner for Windows 8.1 please. Many thanks

  rdave13 17:16 20 Feb 2015

Windows 8.1 has WebCacheV01.dat . Ccleaner will clean these hidden files I believe.

for info

  tullie 19:06 20 Feb 2015


  rdave13 19:41 20 Feb 2015

Ccleaner link. Use custom install so you can untick any toolbars offered. Or just untick if offered without the custom install option. FileHippo is a good site for downloading so just be aware of the options.

  Jonah(without the whale) 17:00 21 Feb 2015

Thanks folks. I'll give the suggestions a try and post mny results here.

I have to say that my last attempt to download Ccleaner from a Cnet link resulted in finding that apparently Ccleaner did not work with 8.1.

Off to Hippo!

  Jonah(without the whale) 18:15 21 Feb 2015

Job done. Ccleaner loaded and working. I could not see any mention of Index.dat files having been cleared although the box for those files was checked. I'll take it the files are indeed cleared. Thanks for your help.

  rdave13 19:08 21 Feb 2015

When Ccleaner runs check the first line for C:\Users\ PC NAME \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache .

This is Index.Dat if you like on Win 8.1 for internet history. Normally a hidden folder.

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