Index.dat in cookies folder

  [DELETED] 19:12 23 Sep 2003

Is it normal to have a file called "index.dat" in the cookies folder? I can't delete it as it is being used. Thanks for any info. Regards David.

P.S XP Home

  [DELETED] 19:16 23 Sep 2003

Yeah its normal.

  [DELETED] 19:21 23 Sep 2003

Great explanation wasn't it..NOT.

Index.dat is just an index of your Temporary Internet Files, there are ways of deleting it in DOS or with some third party tools. It just rebuilds itself at bootup. Unless its growing out of size its fine to leave alone.


  [DELETED] 20:35 23 Sep 2003

Thanks, it's been bugging me for ages.

  [DELETED] 09:23 03 Oct 2003

Dave, A program called Skybot will list them for you. They are a complete record of every website you have ever visted. Noone seems to know why they are kept but I want to delete mine. If you find out pleae let me know, Mel

  [DELETED] 09:29 03 Oct 2003

Supercleaner click here lets you see whats inside and then delete it.

  [DELETED] 12:04 04 Oct 2003

Jester2K II
Seems to work. Much obliged!

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