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  steve263000 13:59 28 Dec 2004

When I upload the site to my server, for some reason the only files that are immediatly checked are the index page and one more. The rest are put in a "redundant" file for me to check with other rubbish that I no longer need. At the moment, I have not bothered to upload then, as they are not being checked properly. I am using F.P., and I have checked that all the hyperlinks are working correctly, and that they are correct in the navigation. Any idea's?

  Forum Editor 18:40 28 Dec 2004

to the server by default, including any folders that you may have created. Which version are you using?

  steve263000 08:33 29 Dec 2004

I am using FP 2003 which I find very good. It is publishing to the remote site fully, but when the server try's to publish from there,(I am using Terrapin), all I get is the index page. They are open today I hope so I will phone them. If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them.

  Forum Editor 09:26 29 Dec 2004

"when the server try's to publish from there".

When you tell FrontPage to publish to the remote location you are telling it to publish to the web server. FP will do this, and that's all you need.

Terrapin is an FTP client - used to transfer files from your computer to an FTP server. You don't need to use it. If you try to use an FTP program to publish to a server that has the FrontPage extensions installed it won't work - you can't transfer using FTP unless the FrontPage extensions are first disabled. Under normal circumstances there is no reason for you to use FTP, so stick to FrontPage and all should be well.

  steve263000 08:04 30 Dec 2004

I have always used Terrapin, so how do I publish direct to the server? I know you must think I am think, but all I have ever done when transfering is use Terrapin, and they make, (or made) it easy. So what should I do for the direct route?

  steve263000 08:44 30 Dec 2004

Thank you FE, but I have since created a new folder in the hard drive with the changes, published to that, and terrapin picked it up straight away. Weird or what? I did try using the FP wizard, and got as far as a msm home page, but all the photo and document were in different folders and nothing made any sense to me. However, the changes are up at click here and if you or anyone would like to comment then please do so. I still do not like the menu's, but the simple form they are in works and the old one did not, so they will stay until I have more patience.

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