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index cards program maker creator

  Terry Brown 13:47 27 Jul 2014

Some years ago I had a program that created a database to make index cards.

When you had finished adding your data, you selected new and another clean card appeared.

When in use, the top line of each card was visible, you clicked on that and you could see, add to/ edit that card.

Is there a program today that will do the same job?- preferable free.

Thanks for looking


  wee eddie 18:37 27 Jul 2014

As a matter of interest, can you remember the Word Processor did you have on that PC?

From memory, almost all Database Programs have something similar as one of their Standard pre prepared formats.

  QuizMan 20:39 27 Jul 2014

Not free (but free to try), I have used azzCardfile for years finding that it suits my purposes nicely. azz

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