An independent Forum dealing with BT questions?

  1936 20:07 29 Oct 2015

I would like to access "BT Consumer Forum" but have forgotten my password. Most normal forums make it an easy task to sort that out but not BT so does anyone know of an independent forum that deals with BT problems?

  Nontek 20:52 29 Oct 2015

click here is your friend!!


  1936 21:16 29 Oct 2015

That's all very well Nontek but all of the Web pages you suggested appear to actually be BT Community Forum which I know is a great forum. The only problem from my point of view is that when I want to access that forum my Password keeps disappearing. Then when I key in "Lost Password" a message comes up saying something like "access to a new password is being sent in an Email" The problem is that most of the time it never arrives and when It does it only allows me into the forum once before failing which is what happened when I posted half an hour ago so it's extremely frustrating. I tried the BT live chat facility but found firstly that its as slow as a dead snail because the poor souls working it are dealing with to many clients at the same time. Secondly many of them are not capable and even when one of them did get my password problem sorted it only lasted an hour or so before it would not accept it. There is no need for BT to be so security conscious because every other forum I use makes remembering or replacing a password so simple.

  BT 07:59 30 Oct 2015


..but have forgotten my password.

** Get a note book and write your passwords down.

  1936 09:29 30 Oct 2015

I did not forget the password, the BT Consumer Forum did.

  spuds 10:29 30 Oct 2015

This post seems to be verging on the impossible!.

I had a very similar problem with TalkTalk, and in the end, the issue was resolved by me going through the TalkTalk Community Forum, and getting one of their moderator's to deal with the problem, which they did.

Going through the 'normal' channels was a complete waste of time.

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