Indeo Codec??

  DW9047 20:00 02 Sep 2003

My Friend has purchased a Logitech Zoom Webcam and has installed it on her PC, She tells me everything went fine with the Install. But when she tries to use it to play a video file, it throws an error message which is -
the IV50 Codec is required to play file. It tells her that with Windows XP Home and service pack 1 she needs an Indeo Codec?

Can anyone advise on what she can do to get her webcam working, she wants the webcam for video conferencing with her Mom and dad. I have installed the same webcam on her dad's PC which is running Win XP home service pack 1 and it works Fine.
All I can tell you at the moment about her PC is that it was purchased from PC world in March 03, it runs Win XP Home service pack 1.


  ahales42 20:03 02 Sep 2003

run Indeo Codec through Google. You should find it there.

  DW9047 20:14 02 Sep 2003

Thanks ahales42,

Visited the site and it is offering me the Indeo Codec for $14.95, not a lot of money I know, but can you explain why on my friends PC it is needed but on her Dads PC it is not, both using Win XP home service pack 1?

And will this definately resolve the issue!


  powerless 20:21 02 Sep 2003

Has Windows been updated? click here

Download the following update: 327979

It can be found under "Windows XP" on the above click here.

  ahales42 20:23 02 Sep 2003

The only thing i can think of offhand is that one comp is running a prog which supplied that codec. Try copying it over, see if that works.

  DW9047 20:34 02 Sep 2003

Thanks Powerless,

I am sugessting to her that she try that now, will post back with the results.


  BarryKeith 21:57 02 Sep 2003

Just enter "codecs" in google and you will find more than you are ever likely to need.

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