An incursion! Help please?

  Black Strider 20:23 05 Dec 2010


I have in the past week got my hands on a HP Pavilion slimline s5306 Desktop PC, Running windows7 Ultimate 64 bit
It has had a previous owner for the last couple of months.

However, I have discovered an infiltration of thousands and I do mean thousands of zip files.

I have after some time using the latest Avanquests Powerdesk8, managed to get rid of all of the offending files ,at abou 150 at a time. It took hours!

This left me with one Folder with a name of Frostwire on it and inside the folder are two files. The files are marked with x's
This folder and the files will not be deleted nor, using Powerdesk, be destroyed.
I have run AVG antivirus and it got rid of-

One Trojan horse Generic9.AOT, One Trojan horse Generic16.AUUX. 2 Viruses, a JS Agent.K and a Packed.Auto.It.
Also a couple of Malware,one a Variant of Win32/Agent Trojan and a Win32/Genetik

When i do try to get rid of them i get a window telling me that the files are no longer located in c/user/Ben/My Documents/Frostwire

Is the folder the last remnant of this incursion or are there more hidden?

If all this makes sense, how do i delete them?


  stormrider123 20:26 05 Dec 2010

Its mosy likely that the files ur looking at are just shortcuts and the originals got either deleted or corrupted and made un accesable

  ashleycardwell94 20:27 05 Dec 2010

i would advise a clean install. have you tried using ccleaner?

  Black Strider 20:30 05 Dec 2010

Thanks for your reply.
Do they have to stay in My Documents forever?
Or is there some way of getting rid of them?

  Black Strider 20:33 05 Dec 2010

yes, used ccleaner, and an up to date Window Washer too!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 05 Dec 2010

Switch of system restore

Run Malwarebytes click here

delete all it finds

Run the registry cleaner in CCleaner

Delete the folder.

Reboot and rescan with AVG and Malwarebytes if all gone then switch system restore back on.

  T0SH 20:48 05 Dec 2010

If you have just got your hands on this PC it is fairly simple process to use the HP restore back to factory option, visit the HP Compaq site support section or use the local machines HP help to find the how to

Cheers HC

  stormrider123 20:52 05 Dec 2010

I also have a hp my recovery to factory settings is repetedly pressing f10 when booting u should try it ps did u get any recovery discs when you got the computer

  lotvic 21:09 05 Dec 2010

HP Pavilion Slimline s5306uk System recovery options and how to make the Recovery Disc Set in Windows 7 click here

  Black Strider 21:24 05 Dec 2010

No Stormrider, I got nothing!

Fruitbat, thanks for that, I'll put that in my armoury,
And lotvic, I'll keep that in mind,I have seen somewhere in the programs and recovery disk making thingy, but i have been soo busy trying to get to know the computer that i hadn't given it a thought! Thankyou!
Tosh,I do have "Factory_Image(D")is that the same?

  stormrider123 21:34 05 Dec 2010

In my computer do u see 2 drives one the c drive and another D drive with recovery or factory image on it if u do then search the hp website for the key to press while booting and use it to bring it back to factory settings

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