Incremental Backups

  griffon 56 15:17 07 Feb 2006

My machine is running 98SE and I use Nero5.5.8 for backups. When a nearly-full CD-RW is inserted and the ISO list is refreshed for an incremental backup, new files are highlighted and the CD free space is indicated. If the ISO list exceeds the free space it can be adjusted to fit.

This is where the problem arises. When a new CD-RW is inserted the ISO list disappears and no new files are highlighted.

The incremental backup stops there, and any new files have to be found manually and dragged and dropped to form a new ISO list, thus defeating the object of using Nero's automated system.

How do you guys do it, please?

  griffon 56 12:56 17 Mar 2006

I know that this post isn't exactly exciting and interesting, but considering that there is so much emphasis on backing-up I'm somewhat surprised that there hasn't been a flood of replies. No sarcasm intended! Anybody find the same problem and if so what's the answer, please?

  griffon 56 16:52 21 Nov 2006

I know that this post is as old as the hills and dead boring, but is there anyone out there to take pity on me and offer a solution?

  anniesboy68 17:12 21 Nov 2006

griffon 56..don't use Nero!!!!

  wee eddie 17:33 21 Nov 2006

There must be something in Nero's Help Files to cover this, as it must happen to every system.

Try going through those Help Files "Item by Item"

  griffon 56 17:51 21 Nov 2006

Thanks anniesboy, I'll maybe ditch it, tho' it is a good product. What else would you recommend?

You won't believe this wee eddie, I never thought of that. I didn't figure that Nero would ever admit that it wasn't perfect for every purpose. Incidentally, the Iomega ZIP drive on my old machine wouldn't do it either, I think they see me coming.

Thabks again.

  griffon 56 17:53 21 Nov 2006

I've been thinking again anniesboy. How do you do incremental backups? Is there some software or a technique I could use? I'd appreciate a word.

  Diemmess 18:06 21 Nov 2006

......... and it is data rather than the whole OS drive you want to back up, then I do this.

Download EZBackitup. Install and set this up (it uses a Windows explorer type screen) so that you choose which files/folders are to be copied and their destination.

The first time this is run it can take a few minutes to save all that data.
Subsequently the process only copies changed files and can be done in a second or two.

The destination is important.
Use another HD, ideally external and if you really want to burn a CD please ignore the dodgy RW type disk and use the burn once with or without multisession.

  wee eddie 18:06 21 Nov 2006

About 80% of the enquiries here would not have been asker if the enquirer had read the manual.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh as many manuals are written in an arcane language that few understand except "tech writers".

  stlucia 19:44 21 Nov 2006

"... If the ISO list exceeds the free space it can be adjusted to fit."

What happens if you don't adjust it to fit? Does it not record until the CD is full, and then prompt you for a new one?

  griffon 56 13:49 22 Nov 2006

Hi Wee Eddie, I don't have a Manual but I partially agree with what you say. Many manuals are like FAQ's, they never answer the specific question you have. That's probably why Forums thrive.

Diemmess, it's only data I want to backup I have discs or downloads for every program I need, and I haven't advanced to the stage where I have another HDD. It looks as tho' that's the way forward. Incidentally, I've always heard dire warnings about CD-RW's but have never had bad results from them, but re-format and re-record gaily without loss.

The backup process I use involves using Briefcase found in My Docs in Win98SE. After a period of creating new files I run Briefcase and find what files they are. I back them up. Then I synchronise Briefcase with My Docs again and start another file creation period.

That still doesn't eliminate the problem I have found - if you put in a multi-session disc which is not full and create a new ISO list to record, of such a size that it exceeds the capacity of the disc, you can adjust the size to fit but when you put in a fresh disc the surplus files do not re-appear and the system asks for the full disc to be put back, thus defeating the object of recording the extra files. Get it? Frustrating.

If any of you remember the old Win98SE backup program, using Iomega ZIP discs. It did exactly the same thing, it was a Catch 22 nightmare, you couldn't record new files until you had put the original disc back in and then if you did the system wanted to over-write it with new files. Total crap.

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