Incremental Back-up - One thing I don't understand

  wee eddie 04:11 23 Feb 2010

If I understand correctly:

An Incremental Back-up is one that is set to Back-up, all the changes that you have made to the Computer, since the previous Back-up, and to do this at regular intervals.

The bit that I don't understand.

The whole point about Back-ups is that you then have a Copy of everything; should there be a mechanical catastrophy or you download a Virus.

Now, if you were to pick-up a Virus and then the Incremental Back-up did it's bit, before you realised that you had the Virus. Surely your Back-up File would also contain the Virus and therefor be rather less than useful?

  Kevscar1 10:34 23 Feb 2010

Correct but even if you did it manually unless you had a seperate file everytime you backed up rather than replacing the old one you would still face the same problem

  canarieslover 13:11 23 Feb 2010

It's no worse than System Restore which will do the same thing if you have a virus when you set a Restore Point. Scan regularly is the only suggestion I would make.

  john bunyan 15:55 23 Feb 2010

Before I do a back up (using ATI) ,or image, or clone, I: 1. Scan for virus with (in my case, Avira). 2.Scan for malware using SAS and Malawarebytes. 3. I defrag the partitions to be backed up.
Then I both clone my primary drive to a slave and make images of each of two partitions to an external HD. I also make a mirror copy of my data (My Documents) to the external HD.
I do not do incremental back ups (following advice on the forums); after I have verified the latest images, I delete the previous ones, then defrag the extenal HD (this takes quite a time.(I am using W7 but still prefer ATI 2010 as I am more familiar with it.)

  MAT ALAN 17:58 23 Feb 2010

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good info here...

  wee eddie 12:17 24 Feb 2010

An Automated Incremental Back-up is likely to be useless if you have, unknowingly, downloaded a Virus or Trojan as they/it will be stored on the Back-up.

Is that right?

  Kevscar1 12:53 24 Feb 2010

Yes but so is any type of backup in those circumstances.

  Pineman100 14:23 24 Feb 2010

You're right. That's why I never use incremental backups. I create an entirely new backup every time that I image my system. And I always try to keep at least five previous images.

That way, if you should pick up a virus that affects your most recent image(s) you can leapfrog back to an image before the infection happened.

You use more drive space with this system, but large hard drives are pretty cheap, these days.

  MAT ALAN 14:28 24 Feb 2010

There is a suggestion here that "normal"incremental backups are useless, i would say they are far from that if you feel the need to use this method.
WHY should any virus specifically target your "incremental backup" ANSWER, it is probably not.
If you fear these attacks as strongly as you do i would say your chosen A/V is not much cop...

  wee eddie 16:39 24 Feb 2010

The Virus or Trojan does not have to "Target" the Back-up System.

I assume the the chosen Program will Back-up any new addition to your PC which, of course, the Virus or Trojan is.

  MAT ALAN 19:01 24 Feb 2010

Tis a valid point but if you are already putting measures in place to scan, autoscan and housekeep your PC you should be safe in the knowledge that the backing up of an infected file is unlikely.

At any one time there are probably infections of some sort or another and they are being moved about all over the place.

Maybe incremental backups are more suited to an offline environment...

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