rins36 22:34 15 May 2003

I have uninstalled & reinstalled this prog, I can send mail via this option but not receive

Followed Incredimail instructions via Troubleshooting but the prob remains

I get the following message for incoming mail:-

An error has occured whilst attempting to receive message from server. Please try again later

This has only occured in the last 24 hours

Advice needed if u can re this

  rins36 23:07 15 May 2003

Forgot to add I have x amount of incoming e-mails on this e-mail account

  Holographic_man 01:02 16 May 2003

is you smtp set up ok? also POP3?

  crx1600 01:07 16 May 2003

who is the email provider?

have you tried configuring OutlookExpress,to confirm/deny the problem is with incredimail or server.

i dont know incredimail but am assuming it is just an email program and not a provider.

  Cuddles 12:06 16 May 2003

The inbox in incredimail will only hold so much, try emptying the inbox.

  MartinT-B 14:28 16 May 2003

it happens from time to time.

happened to me today.

When I turn on my PC, Incredimail is not auto-start, but once started, I leave it in the System tray. On the Initial connection this morning it 'timed out'. I just left it, knowing that the program is set to check mail every 20 minutes. On 2nd attempt it DL'ed my mail.

I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes mail servers are busy and any mail program can time out occasionally. In fact I get more time outs with OE than Incredimail (I use both at work).

  MartinT-B 14:30 16 May 2003

My work inbox (incredimail) is currently at 700MB. What's the max size it can be?

  Mango Grummit 15:05 16 May 2003

If you google Incredimail you will find absolutely 100's of complaints about the way it works, or not as the case may be.

It's popular I believe because it's good fun and there is nothing wrong with that but as a serious and reliable tool for e-mailing it has it's faults apparently. Half the fun of the thing is due to the (expected?) results it seems. It is free afterall. If it's not fun then dump it but if it is fun, live with it and enjoy the quirks and foibles and have fun but don't rely on it.


  rins36 19:13 16 May 2003

Thanks all for the replies

I have tonight managed to use incredimail on my old computer without any probs, just hoping that the same will apply on the new comp

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