Incredimail......bad guy???

  1832bchs 07:59 23 Jan 2004

I am being pestered by friends (who claim to know for sure!) to uninstall Incredimail, on the grounds that by using it I have given away any right to privacy and that it will mess up my machine. In 3 years I have not had a problem with the programme, and surely by it's very nature e-mail is not private anyway.
Apparently "they" have got their info from
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Would anyone more knowledgeable than myself care to comment?

  1832bchs 09:14 23 Jan 2004


  Jester2K 09:41 23 Jan 2004

Basically it looks like the terms and conditions of the use of Incredimail mean that Incredimail "will be deemed to be not confidential or secret"

Also looks like it says that if you send any information via Incredimail they (incredimail) themselves can use that information in any manner they like!!

So if you send the secrets plans to your next invention using Incredimail you effectively give Incredimail the right to intercept and use your own plans!

At least thats my (non-lawyer) reading into this....

  shortcircuit 09:59 23 Jan 2004

Had it for 2 years and no issues. I think incredimail are covering their arses for any eventualities. Its from the USA, and they need to cover the risk of being sued. I wouldn't send my new design of my 'Pulse warp drive' through email anyway. When I designed my 'Flux capacitor', some prat in the USA made a film about it saying it was to assist in time travel. I made it to stop my p.c. crashing in windows'98. It never worked!

  1832bchs 10:11 23 Jan 2004

Thanks to you both. I have a feeling it's a bad case of paranoia(is that spelt right?). I'm happy with it so will carry on using it.

  plsndrs3 11:01 23 Jan 2004

What do you mean YOUR Pulse warp drive?!?!?!

I applied for Patent on this in 1982, along with my wormhole travel device :o))


  shortcircuit 11:24 23 Jan 2004

Prove it! I still have some Dylithium crystles left from my last experiment. You should see my Holodeck!

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