incredimail xe

  User-73839536-2E74-401A-834B3DBEBA224D22 15:03 14 Jul 2004

hi everyone, i have uninstalled incredimail, not without some trouble i might add, except for one file, imsheyt.dll windows xp will not allow me to get rid of it, any ideas please.

  Terry Brown 15:43 14 Jul 2004

What does the file do ?, If you are sure you do not need it, start your computer in DOS mode (if you have a windows 98 boot floppy, this will do it--ensure bios is set to check A drive first--. At the prompt enter c: ( this give you access to c: drive.Tppe in "Dir imsheyt.dll /s" (without speech marks)and when it finds it, delete. WARNING-- There is no second chance--once you delete it -is is gone. Restart your system resetting the bios if you changed it.

  smokingbeagle 15:56 14 Jul 2004

Go into safe mode. Rename the file as say imsheytold.dll and move it to another folder. If your PC seems ok without this dll file you should be able to delete it.

  Old Shep 15:57 14 Jul 2004

Are you sure this file belongs to Incredimail?? In XP you should boot into safe mode (F8 on bootup I think) and then delete it. If this file is not causing any problems with your computer it will be that small it will not make a difference if you leave it.

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