InCrediMail question please...

  AngeTheHippy 11:21 10 Apr 2003

Anyone use this s/w? Does it 'like' Norton A/V? When sending e-mails, do they take a while longer than with OE to send because of all the 'fancies' on it? For example, If I use stationery in my e's using OE6, they take that bit longer because of the graphics. Can you filter incoming mail (message rules)? Fed up with the porn I get sent...


  €dstow 11:37 10 Apr 2003

My attitude is that email is a system of sending messages quickly and conveniently and not a work of art or graphics demonstration in its own right. My email setups and those of most, if not all, businesses and a lot of home systems are set to receive emails in plain text so, however much time and effort you may have spent creating some fancy parts to your message, it gets wasted or lands here as a piece of html code which few are going to bother to open or decipher, most certainly I wouldn't.

Remember that email is the most common method by which viruses are propagated nowadays and the more complex and arty the message, the easier it may be to hide these nasties.

The file sizes, as you realise, are much larger with all the padding of the graphics and if your recipient has a restricted size mailbox (as per most free web based systems), it won't take much to fill it up.

For filtering your mail, use something like MailWasher which has been promoted a number of times on here.



  AngeTheHippy 11:49 10 Apr 2003

don't think I'll bother with it. As I mentioned, adding a 'nice' stationery background causes the sending time of the message to increase considerably.

Back to boring-ol'-OE6 then...


  MartinT-B 12:02 10 Apr 2003

NAV works perfectly with Incredimail and takes no longer than OE6 to scoan outgoing and incoming mails.

This is not fantasy.

I have both on the PC at work. OE6 for work general contacts and Incredimail for me and my work contacts. (I'm an Agent dealing with dancers and production companies).

  MartinT-B 12:17 10 Apr 2003


You can use the facility to have 'no background' with incredimail thereby making as a 'business-like' or boring if you prefer, as OE6.

and £d,

Why assume that anyone would knowingly send a virus. They are usually sent as email attachments. The Animations in Incredimail are not attached, they are embedded. If you have a decent AV scanning your incoming and you update weekly then you shouldn't even consider the possibilty. 99.9% of the viruses you MIGHT be sent will be caught. You may be very unlucky and be one of the first to get a new virus before your AV supplier is aware of it, but it's very very very unlikely.

Any ½ decent webmail server should scan for viruses anyway - Hotmail uses McAfee. If they don't catch viruses, then change to another.

  €dstow 14:39 10 Apr 2003

I am not assuming anyone would knowingly send a virus but not all people are nice and friendly and anyone nice or not is able to send an email message to anyone else. What I am trying to put across is that the more complex the message is in terms of fancy this that or the other, the more chance there is for some sort of undesirable entity, whether virus or anything else, to be hidden amongst this.

If an email system is set up such that the preview mode is active, it increases the risk of undesirables being opened.

Remember that viruses and their method of distribution are (unfortunately) being developed all the time and just because your mail server stops all the viruses from A to X, Z might just be able to get through.

But, all this is not really my point. This was brought up in my first paragraph above. Decorative works of art are not the real point of emails. Many people,including me and most other businesses, as well as personal home users have their email systems set up to receive in plain text so all the effort that may have gone into creating anything from a simple cartoon to an equivalent to the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel is, possibly unfortunately, completely wasted.


  Ben Avery (Work) 14:49 10 Apr 2003

"here here"

€d: I sometimes wonder what side of the bed some of the people on this forum have fallen out of - or had their milk gone sour thereby forcing them to eat their Weetabix dry (or with butter and jam is supposed to be nice!).

I get your point. I use Outlook 2000 and can vouch for you. My job is tyhat of a Recruitment Co-odinator for the oil & gas industry so I'm inundated with CV's all of the time. I spend a large %ge of my day reading and replying to emails and most cv's I get in come in plain text format. Outlook autmatically sets up your reply to the format of the sender's email format (therefore if you sent me an email and I hit "Reply" it would change my default - which is HTML - to Plain Text anyway)

Flash emails are however becoming increasinly popular in the world of those who see it as a lluxery not a neccesity. Let's face it €d, how long ago did the novelty wear off for you?!

There's even "Hotbar" downloads npow which allow animated icons and pictures as well as backgrounds to be an integral part of your default email!

Where will we go from here?


  Ben Avery (Work) 14:52 10 Apr 2003

€d - I meant to thank you for your advice on Photo paper the other day. I'm getting married next year and we'll be designing and printing our own Invitations. That Ilford paper offer was the perfect solution. Awesome prints (double sided too)!

Thank you!

I'm off 2morrow so have a grand weekend!


  MartinT-B 15:16 10 Apr 2003


Sorry AngeTheHippy, you thread has been hi-jacked.


Read her initial post. Ange has already experimented with the OE stationary and is looking for alternatives. Whatever her reason, she's interested in getting email with more tweaks and bells.

How dare you come here with your puritan sensibility opening with your judgemental phrase "My attitude is that email is a system of sending messages quickly and conveniently and not a work of art or graphics demonstration in its own right."

What sort of Dinosaur are you??? I bet you disapprove of Tattoos too.

Okay, If sending emails to a corporate entity plain text is better. If only because in a lot of case the email will be bounced by their firewall. If it is, resend it without the extra bits.

Frankly, we could all use a bit more colour in our lives and although she may get bored with it in time Ange has a right to get a straight answer to her question.

Incredimail takes no longer to send than OE6 is the answer she wanted.

Now to discuss your 'virus' Red Herring. IF AngeTheHippy were to want to send a malicious virus, she certainly wouldn't be here asking her question. The length of time to send would be irrelevant.

Ben, I agree that if applying for a job, using Email, Snail-mail or any other method, you should keep it on a business level. I'm sure that you make a snap judgement on applications based on the mail received. That is not the issue under discussion.


  Ben Avery (Work) 15:26 10 Apr 2003

You have to realise that what €d is saying is perfectly true. However many times you try it, sending in Plain text without "fancies" is going to be faster than sending the Cistine Chapel style mentioned by €d.

If speed is what you want, then send as small a file as possible - i.e. Plain Text!

Try more jam with your weetabix tomorrow eh?


  MartinT-B 15:28 10 Apr 2003


Don't flame! It's boring and childish.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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