Incredimail Problem Sending Email

  Graphicool1 17:44 28 Sep 2011

Windows 7

I have both sent and received emails without a hitch, until 15 minutes ago. I can still receive them, but when I try to send them I get the following message...

535 5.7.0 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure

  Nontek 18:00 28 Sep 2011

Do a simple PC re-start, then try again.

  Graphicool1 18:06 28 Sep 2011

Hi Nontek

Been there, tried that, no joy, still the same.

  Nontek 18:12 28 Sep 2011

In Incredimail go to Tools>Accounts, highlight the account and click on Properties, then click on each Tab in turn, without making any changes. Then OK out and close Incredimail.

Then reopen Incredimail and try again.

If still no joy, try a System Restore back to when it was working properly.

  Graphicool1 19:56 28 Sep 2011

Before I go there, let me run this by you...

When I was running Inc Mail on my other (old) PC. After I'd transferred it from an even older one. It was making me sign in everytime I used it. So I played around with identities and eventually manged to not have to sign in.

When I got my present PC I transferred IncMail to that. Since I was unable to send emails today, I clicked on one of the old identities and I could then send emails?

So I'll try your first suggestion.

  Graphicool1 20:39 28 Sep 2011

I just found the problem, I was doing what you suggested nontek, when I noticed that my 'Outgoing Mail (SMTP)' was a 3 digit number and it's usually 2. It should in fact be '25' but was '587'?

The following could just be a coincidence, but it makes you think. Yesterday I received an odd phone call, the phone rang, I said hello and silence, then there was a quiet 'ting' and a recorded womans voice said 'Goodbye'.

Later when I was on line my PC was megga slow. So I unplugged everything from the Broadband box, including the telephone connection. Waited 30 secs, plugged them back in and the PC was back up to speed.

I phoned BT to tell them, but he already new I'd received that call and that I'd dialled 1471 which just said "caller witheld their number"

He said these 'Silent Calls' come from abroad. I asked if they could gain access to my PC or Broadband connection, he said no.

Today I phoned BT again and blocked all such phone calls.

  Nontek 20:45 28 Sep 2011

OK, so is everything as it should be again?

  Graphicool1 20:46 28 Sep 2011

If anyone out there want's to block unwanted call too and you don't know how or where. Then this is how I did it with BT...

0845 0700707



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