Incredimail problem

  Nontek 14:13 09 Nov 2011

The following screen-shot shows the problem. Incredimail just will not open and stay open. I have tried re-installing/updating/System Restore, all to no avail. It did open once after many repeated tries, which gave me the opportunity to send a VIP request for help to Incredimail (I have paid for version), but now even if Incredimail reply to my call for help, I cannot receive their mail as Incredimail just refuses to open.

Any ideas to secure a solution would be most welcome. TIA.

  Nontek 16:34 09 Nov 2011


  northumbria61 17:37 09 Nov 2011

I agree with buteman's comments - there is a conflict somewhere. Have you looked in Task Manager to see what else is running at the same time.

  Nontek 20:14 09 Nov 2011

Thanks guys, I have done a full scan with Malwarebytes and also checked all the other things buteman has suggested.

Have had a quick look at the link buteman has given, looks interesting but I will still need to dig deeper within that link, as all the comments there do refer to the same problem as mine. I did try re-setting my hotmail account but so far no luck.

I will let you know how I get on.

  Nontek 20:57 09 Nov 2011

Still no joy, I have tried all the 'solutions' mentioned in the link above, to no avail.

I have reported problem to Incredimail via the VIP contact, but no reply so far.

I am using my bt.internet Yahoo email address meanwhile.

  Nontek 20:58 09 Nov 2011


I did check in Task Manager, no problem there.

  northumbria61 23:40 09 Nov 2011

I did try re-setting my hotmail account but so far no luck.

Have you tried deleting your Hotmail account to see if that is the problem. You can reinstall the account if it doesn't make any difference.

  northumbria61 23:47 09 Nov 2011

There are instructions here (scroll down) for when Incredimail won't start including a Registry Edit - and screenshots etc. Worth looking at enter link description here

  Nontek 08:18 10 Nov 2011


Yes I did try the delete route. I will try your latest suggestion a bit later on, when I am fully awake :-)

Thanks, will let you know how I get on.

  Nontek 15:50 10 Nov 2011

Update ....

I have looked at northumbria61's last link with a fine tooth comb, but nothing there relevant to my problem.

However, I am now able to use Incredimail by deleting my hotmail account and replacing it with my btinternet account which does work.

If I get any help from Incredimail customer support, I will let you know, but don't hold your breath!

Thanks for all input.

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