Incredimail To Outlook Express

  Bingalau 20:25 09 Jul 2005

My son has just phoned me and asked how does he go about changing from "Incredimail" to "Outlook Express" I've told him I will ask the experts how to do it the easy way, (because I think he has already had a go and is stuck somewhere)

  Danoh 19:05 10 Jul 2005

Bingalau, please explain a bit more what your son wants to achieve? Being unable to read minds is a bit of a nuisance. So please expand on what you are after as its difficult to craft a simple answer, if there is one of course.

Does he want to migrate all his emails across to OE (Outlook Express), with his email addresses, or what?

I note that replies suggesting the use of a conversion program was too complicated for you. click here

I am not at all knowledgeable about Incredimail but if you provide more details of what you seek, then there will probably be more chance someone else might understand and respond.

Good luck.

  Danoh 19:35 10 Jul 2005

A quick search on these forums (as I do not use Incredimail) seems to imply that it is possible to export email addresses to OE, but not emails.

Addresses or contacts seems to be the same as for OE; click here and click here

If its the same as in OE, you would click on one of the top tool bar options in Incredimail which says something like "Export", then select "Addresses" or "Contacts". But its important to note what file name you create and also where it is saved in your sons computer.

Purportedly, it is saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, which could be imported back into OE.

However, it seems that exporting Incredimail emails might be problematic. click here

But now I am completely guessing wildly as to what you are after and will stop.

  Bingalau 20:28 10 Jul 2005

Many thanks for your replies...I believe he has now solved his problem, with your help and the help of a friendly neighbour. so all's well for now until the next phone call out of the blue, with his next problem.

  Danoh 20:39 10 Jul 2005

Not sure how much help I was :-) Bingalau.

Would you care to post what his problem and what the resolution were so others with a similar query might be able to benefit as well?

  Bingalau 12:50 11 Aug 2005

Danoh!... Sorry for not replying to your last advice. I had ticked the thread and have only just looked back at it now. (Holidays)... I believe my son just wanted future mails to be through "Outlook Express" and I think he achieved that with his neighbours help and the advice from "Wak" in the previous thread. I do not know what his problem was with Incredimail in the first instance. Anyway many thanks for your help. It is/was appreciated. I have now pointed him in the direction of this forum to help him with his future problems.

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