Incredimail and Old ISP

  northumbria61 13:39 02 Jun 2011

Although I have used Incedimail for approx.9yrs with little or no problem I have introduced a friend of mine to it recently. In addition he changed his ISP from Tiscali about 6 months ago and is now with BT.

He doesnt live nearby but I was able to give him all the necessary settings for Incredimail to work with BT Yahoo. The problem he has is that although he can create a new email and send okay he is unable to forward or reply to any emails that he receives. The OLD ISP Tiscali email address is in his Incredimail Account settings and he tells me that he is unable to delete these and get rid of it.

So to sum up. He can create new emails and SEND them. He also has no problem RECEIVING emails BUT he can't reply to or forward any.

  birdface 19:39 02 Jun 2011

You could always delete Email ISP addresses with the old version it was just a matter of clicking on it and clicking remove.

I don't have Incredimail any more as Emisoft kept flagging it as a trojan downloader.

When I had XP you could right click the taskbar and select properties.Start menu customize.And in the dropdown bar you just added Incredimail as you main e-mail provider.

Now like I said it has been a while so may not be correct it but it is in the same area if you look.

Has he already got it set as the default e-mail provider.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:36 02 Jun 2011

Error No.?

  northumbria61 08:02 03 Jun 2011

Buteman - thanks. Yes it was just a case of removing an email account from the account list but it won't work for him.

Fruit Bat - not able to contact him at the moment but I think all he got was "SSL required" That would be from the Tiscali account as BT doesn't require SSL. He just needs to get rid of the Tiscali Account.

Should be simple enough but this is Incredimail we are talking about !!

  northumbria61 21:35 22 Jun 2011

Just an update for Buteman and Fruit Bat -

The original problem was that I could send emails to a friend which he received okay but when he replied to them I never received them. Creating new emails and sending them to me was never a problem.

But a strange thing happened last night when I opened my Incredimail - my INBOX received 11 (yes eleven) emails from my friend which turned out to be replies to 11 emails I sent to him last month between the 1st May and the 29th May - and he is away on holiday! Work that one out !

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