Incredimail help please

  rins36 23:34 03 Aug 2003

I am still having probs with this, i have been away on hols & now getting the message "bad login" when i try to read the messages that are in the in box

If i use add / remove progs to delete this then reinstall will i lose all of the e-mails that are curently in my in box that have been read

Any advice or help on this would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

  woody 00:23 04 Aug 2003

If you remove the program i think you would loose the emails.Why not backup the folder and then remove/reload from clean source.Only then when all is working ok bring in the old emails.

  rins36 22:24 04 Aug 2003


  rins36 23:40 04 Aug 2003

Thanks woody for your help/advice, i will take this in to concideration

But does anyone on here us incredimail that can help me with this????????????

  rawprawn 07:56 05 Aug 2003

I had a problem with Incredimail & after a lot of trouble searching the registry trying to delete it all, I reverted back to Outlook. I didn't lose any emails, as far as I know emails are held solely by the ISP & programs like Incredimail are just tools to go & fetch it.

  rawprawn 07:57 05 Aug 2003

I will add a rider to that I didn't lose any emails as far as I know.

  Smiler 15:08 05 Aug 2003

You would still have most e-mails left on the server if your e-mail reader is configured to leave a copy on the server when read, but if not, they get wiped as soon as you read them. I have been using incredmail for quite a while now and haven't had any real problems. As Woody suggests back up the mail files under incredimail and restore when you have incredimail working properly.

  golfpro 16:43 05 Aug 2003

I know this dosen't help you with your problem, but I had so many problems with Incredimail, I deinstaled it and went back to Outlook Express. my biggest problem was replying to Emails, it just would not send them. I could send mail ok, but not Relpy.

  Lionheart? 16:45 05 Aug 2003

Must be lucky been using Incredimail for months without any problems.

  rawprawn 17:12 05 Aug 2003

I hated incredimail, which is why I uninstalled, it just seemed to want to take over. I rate it with aol

  rins36 22:20 05 Aug 2003

Thanks for the replies on this post.....sorted out bad log in....forgot that password had been changed.....

however Incredimail is jumping around all over the screen for about 10-15seconds when i try to send either a forward e-mail or a new e-mail message.....

Any advice/help on the kangaroo situ will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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