Incredimail help needed

  scoobydoo12 10:35 02 Jun 2010

I have had incredimail for a few years and it has been ok however since I downloaded Incredimail 2 I can receive emails but cannot send them. I have been on their website but cannot find anything like what I've got! The emails just hang in the outbox it says its connecting and thats as far as it goes. Any help appreciated

  birdface 10:52 02 Jun 2010

Try ,Tools.Options .Advanced.And make sure Associate EMI files with incredimail 2 is ticked.
Or maybe Tools.E-mail and make sure your details are correct.
Have you got it set to be your default e-mail provider.
Technotiger has most of the remedy's for Incredimail problems lets hope he is on shortly.

  Sea Urchin 10:56 02 Jun 2010

Worth a look

click here

  scoobydoo12 10:59 02 Jun 2010

The EMI files is ticked my details are correct. I have just checked for updates (which was were my problem started!) and it says I have the most up to date version. It's doing my head in and people think I'm being ignorant. Fingers crossed that Technotiger comes on then but thanks for your help I appreciate it.

  birdface 11:14 02 Jun 2010

Did you update over the top of the old version as I had a few problems doing it that way and uninstalled it then reinstalled it again and I don't seem to have any problems now.
just remembered my problem was with the EMI file that kept disappearing everytime i opened an attachment.
It would open in Windows live mail Instead.
I did remove and install W/Messenger at the same time so maybe that was my problem.

  Sea Urchin 11:19 02 Jun 2010

Double check your SMTP outgoing server settings under Tools/Accounts

  Technotiger 13:11 02 Jun 2010

I agree with Sea Urchin about double-checking you outgoing Server settings, in fact you should delete your Account under Tools>Accounts and start again from scratch by re-making your Account.

If this still does not work I would do a System Restore back to before you installed Version 2, if successful, stick with the older version.

I have not touched version 2 at all, it is IMHO total rubbish. I am happy with, and still using the earlier version. Especially for those like myself who have the paid-for Gold Version, some of the Gold enhancements are not compatible with Version 2, ridiculous as that may seem!

If all else fails, uninstall Incredimail completely using Revo uninstaller, making sure that when in Revo you get the option to 'Select all' and to 'Delete' the left-overs that Revo finds, you DO SO WITHOUT BEING PICKY, DELETE ALL THAT REVO FINDS!

Then re-install Incredimail - the older version if you have the download saved in Documents Folder is preferable.

  birdface 13:31 02 Jun 2010

Hi Technotiger using Revo uninstaller will he not loose all his mail and contacts.
Just a thought as that is the way I usually do it to remove all files.
But as I do not have many Contacts it doesn't really bother me.

  Technotiger 14:00 02 Jun 2010

Hi, good thinking, I forgot to say, back up all personal details first - go to File>Export .... save details in My Documents folder.

Pending Major Op in hosp shortly, not helping me think clearly at the moment :-)

  Sea Urchin 14:10 02 Jun 2010

Don't want to hijack the thread - but I'm sure many on this forum will be wishing you everything good - and looking forward to seeing you back on form after the op.

  Technotiger 14:32 02 Jun 2010

Understood - and thanks muchly for those kind words!

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