Incredimail access

  ladyiffy 16:52 20 Jan 2004

I have been useing incredimail for several months without any problems, then about 3 weeks ago every time l try to log in it says authorization required, l have tried everyway to authorise it without success, also have emailed incredimail with no response has any one any ideas what has gone wrong... thankyou

  Cuddles 18:34 20 Jan 2004

Check your account settings and look on FAQ page on website.

  ladyiffy 08:10 21 Jan 2004

Hi cuddles have checked my account, and also have gone through all incredimail proceedures from the FAQ and help guide still not able to access my account xxxxxx

  Bluebird 09:24 21 Jan 2004

Have been using Incredimail for about 3 years now and never had that problem. There is a new version out (see their web page) this might cure your problem if you update - build id 2501338. You may be using an old version that it does not like????

  ladyiffy 17:38 21 Jan 2004

Hi Bluebird and yes have updated as well thats not cured it either, any more ideas please xx

  numskull 21:22 21 Jan 2004

Are you running Zone Alarm? This was recently causing Incredimail numerous problems. Incredimail technical help advised me to install the latest upgrade of Zone Alarm and that cured the problems I was having.

  Lionheart ? 21:56 21 Jan 2004

I installed the latest upgrade for Zone Alarm, then had nothing but trouble with Incredimail.

Uninstalled the upgrade and have had no further problems with Incredimail.

  critic-al 22:02 21 Jan 2004

try removing the account then restart pc and re-enter the account as new.

  ladyiffy 07:24 22 Jan 2004

Hi thanks for your suggestions, and no don't have zone alarm, and also have done as you suggested critic_al, and still not working, any one else have any ideas please.

  Bluebird 12:42 22 Jan 2004

When you say Authorisation Required what does it actually say. It is free but you can buy it but must put in a key number - have you bought it???
Have you checked TOOLS/ACCOUNTS the box that comes up in mine is whatever yours is highlight it and click on properties.
Check your settings in there. Under the SERVERS tab none of my boxes are ticked except remember password - have you got a tick in LOGIN USING SECURE SERVER AUTHORISATION or MY SERVER REQIURES AUTHENTICATION.
Under the ADVANCED tab none of my boxes are ticked.
Have you got Outlook or Outlook Express - does that work O.K. if it does you can download the I Incredimail add on for it. Works just the same as Incredimail.
Just a few thouhts - good luck

  ladyiffy 01:05 27 Jan 2004

Hi Bluebird have done all that and still no joy, when l open incredimail, it starts up then a box comes up saying 'authorization required' have checked everything done what everybody has suggested and now l'm stumped but thanks for all your help..

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