vienna1981 10:18 18 May 2005

Hi, my aunt has suggested that I use Incredimail with Outlook Express as it bounces spam mail, but I always get the feeling these type of things include spyware or something, can anyone confirm whether it does and if not, if it's any good? cheers.

  ACOLYTE 12:17 18 May 2005

The free version doesnt include spyware but you will get a few adds showing in the top pane where the time/date is shown they are not intrusive and i have been using increadimail for quite some time and never had any problems with it.One point if you are getting spam Email its never a good idea to bounce them back its showing whoever sent it that your email addy is active just deleting them is the best bet.


  Quilljar 12:30 18 May 2005

I agree with the above. Incredimail is a genuinely good product with excellent support if you need it. That is, if you get the Premium version for a few quid. It is fun and can be very aesthetic.
Some of my more techie friends object to receiving emails with backgrounds and pictures as this may alert their own spyware checkers. But there is certainly nothing nasty to fear from Incredimail I have used ot for at least two years.

  vienna1981 14:21 20 May 2005

I installed it and found it opens separately from Outlook Express (which I'm not too keen on as I like using Outlook Express). I have uninstalled it for now, unless someone can help me out?

If not, are there any free utilities such as email alerts for Outlook Express?

  Technotiger 14:31 20 May 2005

Hi, I always strongly recommend Incredimail, all my friends use it and are very happy with it - though I know some people say it is rubbish, but then, we can all say that about some programs which others find is great in their opinion. Human nature, be very boring if we were all the same.

I use Inredimail Premium/Gold, I would never use anything else no matter what anyone else says. Incredimail has a Junk filter and the ability to bounce emails, if that is what you wish to do.
Personally I never bounce - just empty Junk Folder
anytime anything is directed to it, after checking first that it is not something I want to keep.

I think also that you may be getting a little confused - Incredimail is not meant to work 'with' Outlook Express - they are two totally separate email programs.


  Technotiger 14:33 20 May 2005

ps Incredimail does not include Spyware etc, and if you get the paid-for version (Premium) no ads either.

  vienna1981 14:40 20 May 2005

in Outlook Express I have added a hotmail account, can i transfer this over to Incredimail?

  Belatucadrus 14:44 20 May 2005
  Technotiger 14:48 20 May 2005

Yes you can use a Hotmail email address with Incredimail - full instructions are included in the very comprehensive Incredimail FAQ's.


  [email protected] 15:02 20 May 2005

Why not give Mozilla Thunderbird a try - I have used it for ages and wouldnt use anything else now. Horses for courses I know, but its great for sorting the rubbish which is disposed of with the minimum of effort. It doesnt bounce spam which is not a good thing but "learns" from what you mark as spam and after a while is very good at catching it. We will all of us receive spam until the world is rid of the cretin spammer, but we can all go some way to helping their demise by following correct netiquette and having nothing at all to do with it - dont regard it as personal for you and bin it.

  vienna1981 15:13 20 May 2005

thank you! I have reinstalled Incredimail and managed to import all accounts and folders from outlook express, cheers!!!

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