susiepops 21:40 02 Dec 2003

I am using Windows XP. I have used Incredimail and then IncredimailXE without problem until the last few days. Without warning use of the 'reply' feature has resulted in a frozen screen with no alternative but to restart. In order to overcome I thought it a good idea to upgrade to the latest version but this simply will not work. It loads OK but the program fails to open. Is there a bug or problem with the upgrade that anyone knows of?. I have deleted and reverted to the previous version meanwhile.

Can any one advise whether there is a way of transferring addresses and folders held in incredimail to Outlook Express or Outlook?

Is there also a way of downloading new mail into both Incredimail and Outlook or Express as a fall back in case of problems?

Many thanks in advance for time and effort spent

  Lionheart ? 22:12 02 Dec 2003

Having the same problem when trying to reply to an email, have emailed incredimail about the problem, will keep you posted.

Sorry dont know the answers to your other questions.

  susiepops 22:44 02 Dec 2003

Also meant to ask whether and address book created with incredimail can be transferred succesfully to Outlook express.

  rins36 23:09 02 Dec 2003

my son has typed an e-mail to my friend in the USA tonight & when he went to click on send the page shut down,deleted the e-mail & went back to the screensaver page, also he has tried to delete the deleted e-mails & the page has froze

Dont hold much hope with e-mailing incredimail as my son is still waiting for a response to one sent 3 months ago........if u are a payer of incredimail u get priority, if not ur stuck until someone can help u out from the general public

  terminus 02:34 03 Dec 2003

Lots of problems coming up with incredimail...If it's not your default mail handler just go to add/remove and delete it, and then reinstall it!
You will not lose a thing except what's in your inbox.

If you've made it your default then whatever affected incredimail seems to affect OE as well.
And that does get messy.

  terminus 04:48 03 Dec 2003

Well just after my last reply the same thing happened to me.

I tried to reply to an email, and when I pressed send, everything froze!

This happened several times, once or twice with the plug being pulled out. ;-))

The only way I could send an incredimail was to send a mail with outlook express first.

Earlier in the evening I had changed firewalls from Outpost to ZoneAlarm (which has been also been recently udated.)

I've changed back to Outpost (also updated) and the problems gone? I'd love to give it a few more hours testing....But I think it's a conflict between ZA and Incrdi...? T :-0 yawn

  terminus 05:29 03 Dec 2003

A few re-boots later still back to normal

Free Outpost click here

  susiepops 10:30 03 Dec 2003

I do not think the problem lies with a conflict with Zone Alarm since I have tried Outpost with the new version ofIncredimail and have the same problem.

Has anyone tried the latest version of Incredimail and been successful?

BY the way. Does anyone know how to export folders and addresses to Outlook Express from Incredimail?

  Andsome 10:41 03 Dec 2003

Why not get rid of Incredimail? You can do just about everything with Outlook express that you can with Incredimail, if you have access to clip art. I regularly send e-mail with coloured backgrounds or picture backgrounds, moving clip art and sound. Incredimail has caused a good many problems, and is a waste of time. I spent a lot of time recently uninstalling the damned program from a friends computer, and clearing out the residue afterwards.

  susiepops 11:14 03 Dec 2003

Precisely what I intend to do but I would like to be able to transfer my folders and contents and the address book from incrdimail to outlook express or even outlook if necessary

Any ideas?

  TommyRed 12:35 03 Dec 2003

I left IncrediMail some time ago because it was causing me problems and 'cos of lack of support from themselves for the free version. I found a program called IncrediConvert which converts your messages into a format that Outlook Express understands click here HTH TR

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