Incredibly Strange Issue With My Laptop

  JakeH 00:23 29 Jul 2018

I got a second hand Lenovo y510p( i7-4700mq, 16gbs RAM, Dual GeForce GT 755m SLI) laptop recently and reinstalled windows 10 pro on it because it was stuck in a boot loop after I attempted to factory reset it but I forgot to put the charger in and the battery died in the middle of it.( I have no idea if this issue affected the Laptop before I reinstalled the OS because I instantly tried to reset it once I got it) After using it for 30 minutes the screen goes black and it completely shuts off as if the battery had been pulled out. This happens every time at exactly 30 minutes. I have no idea what might be causing this so any help with the matter would be appreciated. The problem is definitely not heat related and it even happens in the BIOS. I tried updating the BIOS but that didn't help, I tried resetting the RAM but that didn't work and I also tried cleaning out the fans just in case it was a heat related issue (Even though I'm almost 100% sure it isn't) but that didn't help. I am completely out of ideas so any help would be tremendously appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 29 Jul 2018

right click start - power options - aset everything to never.

  Taff™ 13:13 29 Jul 2018

Where did you buy this fom - is it under any sort of Warranty? This sounds like a motherboard or HDD issue.

Do you have a Linux Distro Disc available? Ubuntu maybe?

  JakeH 14:31 29 Jul 2018

I have everything set to never already so that is not the cause.

No, unfortunately I don't have any warranty. I bought it second hand and it's fairly old. I doubt the HDD has anything to do with it but I'll do a scan for errors on the HDD and see if it finds anything.

  JakeH 15:10 29 Jul 2018

I found an error with my HDD and I repaired it but the issue prevails.

  Forum Editor 15:19 29 Jul 2018

Remove the battery, and run the machine on mains power - is everything OK then?

  Taff™ 15:29 29 Jul 2018

Good Call FE!

Did you try running Linux Distro on it - Does it last longer than 30 minutes then?

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