dtw 10:32 27 Jun 2004

I have used Incredemail for a couple of years because I like the different fonts & the Pictures and sounds that come with it,My broardband is BT Openworld and have never had a problem,but now they have joined forces with Yahoo. I can only use Yahoo to send out my mail,and can't import my address book because of the difference in file names outlook express is WAB and incred' is CSV.also where as incredemail loaded very quickley Express takes ags to load (is this correct)

  pmjd 10:59 27 Jun 2004

Can't you just change the settings in Incredemail to use your "new" ISP rather than have to use Outlook Express?

  MartinT-B 11:02 27 Jun 2004

you can import an outlook express address book into Incredimail click here

  pmjd 11:11 27 Jun 2004

dtw was having problems importing an Incredamail Address book into Outlook Express not vice versa.

dtw it can be done! (in OE6 at anyrate)
From File pick Import->Other Address Book.

You should see "Text(Comma Separted Values)" as an import option.

  dtw 11:38 27 Jun 2004

Thank's all for your time and PMJD for sugestion.
sorted now.

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