Increasing volume on recorded dvd

  chuckp 17:02 29 Jan 2010

I do the audio and video for my church and I have a problem. I record the service on a dvd recorder and the edit the dvd through my computer. The chorus sounds great, but when the pastor gives his sermin you can't hear him too well. Is there a way I can increase his volume? All mics are run through the same mixer. Does this make since to anyone?

  eedcam 18:51 29 Jan 2010

What editor are you using to edit with .You should be able to select and boost the sermon either on its own but if not then Normalize might just bring it up to the same level

  chuckp 02:58 30 Jan 2010

The only software I have is Windows movie maker. I'm not sure how to use it yet so any advise I can get would be helpful.

  eedcam 16:26 30 Jan 2010

Hi sorry for the Delay so you only have WMM well not the best of tools for waht you want .Youcan of course simply increase the overall Audio providing it doeas'nt push the chorus TOO loud .The only other way I can think of in wmm is you could select the part with the sermon by trimming before and after .Then up the audio then fit it back into the original. I dont know how easy that would be in wmm I'll have to try it myself and let you know . Now is this aone off project if not you should consider getting one of the numerous editors which would be much simpler to use for that and anything else.If its just aone off then let me know I think I know of something that might do it in its trial form sve spending any dosh .Of course I'm sure you appreciate its better done at the recording stage

  eedcam 16:45 30 Jan 2010

Ok ignore my last suggestion its easier than that that Use the Help menu in WMM on how to split clips then all you need to do is split the clip at the start of the sermom then at the end of the sermon you now have 3 clips. Increase the volume on that section then combine the 3 it should be done .You can then save that modified one and butn to dvd when you are ready

  chuckp 00:44 01 Feb 2010

Sorry for the dely in replying. I guess the web site was off line yesturday. Any way I dont know what to do. I can't even get the video into wmm. Im kind of lost at this point. WMM will not except VOB files, and if I change it to mpeg file it sends me some other error message.mpg could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from. I would realy like to edit these recording for the church, but I keep running into walls. I even went to best buy trying to find a video/audio editting software and they had one or the other but not both.

  chuckp 03:15 01 Feb 2010

Thank you for all of the great advise. its good to know there are places like this that someone can go to get help. I have one more question. out of the programs you listed, which one is the most user friendly? I'm not really computer literate, I took on this job because I wanted to help out, but it seems its a bit over my head. Thanks and God bless

  eedcam 05:40 01 Feb 2010

Chuckup sorry I thought you were already using WMM as if you had Vista it accepts Vob files .. If you like you could post me the dvd and I,d be happy to do it for you .Or if your in the Bristol area pop it round

  chuckp 23:36 01 Feb 2010

Thats so cool I appreciate all the information and help. I have Vista on the church computer and XP on my personal computer. I couldnt get it to load on either. Maybe Im doing something wrong. I am in Florida so I wouldnt be able to get it to you. I do thank you very much for trying to help me though!! God bless

  eedcam 08:40 02 Feb 2010

Chuck if you have Vista then you should be able to import Vob . files are you familiar with using them if not then perhaps you were trying to use the wrong Vob .The only ones you need are the
VTS 01 1.vob then 2.vob and so on depending on the overall file size have alook at the explored dvd and see what you have.
If your dvd is less than 1G/byte you will only have the one as each one has a max size of 1G/byte
Yes Florida is a wee bit to far Ha!

  Les28 09:43 02 Feb 2010

I think you need Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate editions to import VOB into Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Moviemaker.

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