increasing spec for better multi-tasking....

  Superstylin 21:45 08 Apr 2005

hi, i use the pc for all kinds of things including browsing the net, amatuer web-design, photo editing, media playing, dvd/cd writing and file converting etc etc....i'm getting impatient with slow performance when multi tasking and wonder if any upgrades would make a difference or am i in need of a new pc with better specifications?

my PC:
Compaq Presario 6207EA
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
1.70 gigahertz Intel Celeron Processor
40Gb Maxtor 2F040J0 Hard Drive (26Gb free)
376Mb RAM (128+256 DIMM)
MotherBoard: Compaq 0804h
i think sound and graphics are integrated?!

any info would be much appreciated

  powerless 21:57 08 Apr 2005

Upgrade your RAM.

It works wonderz for what you are wanting.

512MB :-)

1GB :-))

  Superstylin 22:00 08 Apr 2005

i thought it might require an upgraded processor since, looking at the cpu consumption, when converting files from avi to dvd for instance, the program uses over 90% of the resources!

  Superstylin 22:15 08 Apr 2005

ok so i've just ordered 512Mb ram. i know i didn't even wait to hear anymore suggestions. i think i've only got 2 slots on the motherboard so i'll take out the 128 stick and put in 512 with the 256. there's a compromise between your 512 and 1 Gig Powerless :)

my partner is loving this cos it's their pc and i'm slowly but surely upgrading it for me!

  JonnyTub 22:15 08 Apr 2005

As powerless says, ram is what you want, Ram is the single biggest upgrade you can perform on any pc in terms of performance increase.

If I were you I'd go for increasing my ram first, hard drive second (you need a bigger one than 40 gb if you start getting into your video editing etc, and i bet there's not much space left on it already), thirdly the processor

  Superstylin 22:19 08 Apr 2005

on my hard drive. i'm quite 'tidy' when it comes to storing stuff i.e., i get rid of anything i don't need. but yeah ur right if i got into vid editing i would need it i guess.

  tenplus1 22:47 08 Apr 2005

Another way of improving your system is to tweak

Go here: click here

This helps remove all those unused parts of Windows to save you memory, plus it speeds up your system...

  Superstylin 01:21 09 Apr 2005

i use a reg cleaner already, it does make a difference but i don't know how much affect it'll have when i'm converting files, downloading files and trying to play a simple flash game that keeps stalling!

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