Increasing old PC Performance!

  lukealexander 16:56 24 Nov 2004

Hello experts :-)

The system:
Intel Celeron 500Mhz
64MB PC100 RAM
Onboard graphics
Onboard sound
Windows xp pro (w/o sp2)

The software:
MSN Messenger
Opera Browser
MS Word/excel/access its from the ark, and as we speak im waiting for a cheapo RAM upgrade to 196.
Its a temporary system, but I need to eke every single drop of performance from that system, without hardware changes. I dont mind stipping it back to the basics even more than I have (all xp settings on best performance), or changing to more efficient software...

Your Mission:
Tello me how!!!

Thanks guys in advance

  Dan the Confused 17:08 24 Nov 2004

I have a similar spec system (500mhz CPU) and use click here

I also use CleanUp! click here and RegSeeker click here

Basically, you just want to keep background processes to a minimum, which means removing all unnecessary startup programs.

  ashdav 17:12 24 Nov 2004

try click here
for the ultimate windows settings. gives good explanations of all xp (sp1 & 2) processes

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:28 24 Nov 2004

I'm suprised you got XP to run with only 64Mb RAM. As ashdav suggests use blackviper to reduce all the background tasks to an absolute minimum and keep those temp file and internet cache clear. Crap Cleaner click here will keep them and the registry clean.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 24 Nov 2004

Forgot to say keep HDD as clean as possible and allow plenty of room for the paging (swap)file

  Dan the Confused 17:34 24 Nov 2004

Fruit Bat /\0/\ has a good point, you need at least 512k RAM to run XP efficiently.

  Dan the Confused 17:40 24 Nov 2004


  lukealexander 17:56 24 Nov 2004

well i cant afford 512mb :-P

anyway...ive just put the new 128mb dimm in, and belarc is telling me i have 64mb in both there a reason it wouldnt take 128 & 64?

128 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 64 MB
Slot 'A1' has 64 MB

its an AOpen MX3W motherboard..belarc doesnt tell me more :-O

  lukealexander 18:44 24 Nov 2004


  Dorsai 19:06 24 Nov 2004

The only thing that spring to my mind is that the new dimm is 64Mb, Not 128.

What does the bios say during post, regarding ram.

  JIM 19:30 24 Nov 2004

Your m/board supports up to 512 megabytes of memory,(but i believe they have to be matching meaning, what ever you put in, will run at the lower module rate if mixed. A pain if you've got some lower-capacity RAM modules already sitting around.

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