Increasing Memory

  andoted 13:03 13 Feb 2009

I keep getting a message pop up saying my C drive is running too low on memory. My D drive (used to store my documents, photos, music) has plenty of space. Trouble is, the bloke who set this up is on holiday and I don't know how to share the memory better between the two.

Any ideas?

  MAJ 13:22 13 Feb 2009

Are you getting a MEMORY error, or a shortage of storage space error? Which operating system are you using? Give the EXACT error message you are getting and what you are doing on the PC when you get the error.

  DippyGirl 13:25 13 Feb 2009

C and D drives are disks not memory.
Does this happen when you try and do something or is it all th etime ?
You need to find what is running and using the memory.
Start the task manager (right click the task bar should give an option) > Processes and click the Mem Usage button until you have everything sorted in descending sequence.
What are at the top of the list ?

  Technotiger 13:25 13 Feb 2009

I think you are confusing the terminology, it is more like Hard Drive Capacity that you are talking about. Memory (RAM) are the small sticks attached to your motherboard, usually 1Gb, 2Gb etc - whereas Hard drive Capacity is more along the lines of 160Gb, 250Gb up to 1.5Tb of drive Capacity.

It would seem that your hard drive is nearly full. Go to My Computer and hover your mouse cursor over your C: Drives' icon - this will then show you how big your hard drive capacity is, and how much of it is actually used and how much is free.

With Acronis True Image it would be a simple matter to Clone your C: drive to a larger drive, which you would then swap with your present nearly full drive. Best done with a New larger hard drive in a USB External Enxlosure. Your present nearly full drive, could then be formatted and kept for use as additional storage.

  andoted 13:44 13 Feb 2009

Thanks for the help so far....

My D drive states it has a capacity if 139GB, of which 103 is available.

The C drive states it has a capacity of 9.75GB, of which there is only 80.6mb free space left.

The messages tell me that this is not enough space. I then delete a few temporary files but within 30 minutes the message pops up again.

Can I free space allocated to the D drive to the C drive?

  Technotiger 13:46 13 Feb 2009

No, you would be very much better off getting another larger drive to replace your C: drive, as I have explained above.

  Technotiger 13:49 13 Feb 2009

Although having said that, I have overlooked the fact that maybe your C: drive and D: drives are only Partitions on one actual drive. If this is the case then you could re-adjust the sizes using something like Partition Magic, with losing any of your data on either partition (drive).

  andoted 14:17 13 Feb 2009

I am 99% certian that is how it has been set up, one drive split between the two. Is there no way of changing the settings without downloading / buying new software?

  Quiller. 14:22 13 Feb 2009

"Is there no way of changing the settings without downloading / buying new software?"

If you are using Vista, yes. If you are using XP, no you need software to do this.

  Technotiger 14:22 13 Feb 2009

This would do the job click here and it is free.

There is not other way that I am aware of.

  Technotiger 14:25 13 Feb 2009

I have to go out now - I will look in later to see how you are getting on.

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