Increase RAM in Dell Dimension E521

  alternator 17:18 06 Feb 2013

System Win XPsp3 with 1Gb RAM in two blocks of 512Mb Can anyone tell me if I can put two 1Gb DDR2-SDRAM(PC2 5300/667MHz)straight into the spare 3rd and 4th slots on the motherboard. That on reboot will recognise and use the new memmory.

  tullie 18:33 06 Feb 2013

Doing a scan on the Crucial Technology site will reveal everything you want to know.

  alternator 19:09 06 Feb 2013

Okay thanks for that sorry I am using someone elses computer (the one I was going to put the extra memory in, but for some reason all the boxes on the web pages don't seem to be present, so I can't put this as resolved, I will do it when I get home next week

  xox101 19:35 06 Feb 2013

I updated a friends E520 to a Core2Duo and 4gig of ram a couple of months ago. Working great now and a big improvement on it's original spec of 1gig of ram and an asthmatic Celeron. I'm sure the E521 isn't that different with the exception of the AMD processor.

You will probably have to upgrade the bios to enable recognition of the new ram.

  alternator 16:35 20 Feb 2013

Just for info : on installation and boot up the new memory was recognized immediately. It has certainly improved the situation.

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