Increase CPU clock speed possible?

  Charence 13:40 28 Oct 2004

I've just run a DELL SYSTEM PROFILER and it says that my Intel Pentium(R) 4 processor has a maximum clock speed of 2800MHz, but its running at a clock speed of 2500MHz at the moment.

I wonder if its possible, to make my processor run slightly closer to the maximum speed? If so, how?

Thanks, Charence

  Noelg23 13:53 28 Oct 2004

to be honest Pentium 4s are not meant to be overclocked...and I am not surprised your speed is slower than what it should be cos thats the thing with the Intel CPUs, if it says 3GHz, it will be going at 2.8GHz instead and there is no way of increasing it...thats why I dont go for Intel CPUs personally AMD are the best as you can overclock these bad boys but they do come with warnings so be careful how you do it. so really no you cant increase the Intel CPU speed...

  JonnyTub 14:32 28 Oct 2004

Give us a bit more info please such as the model number and name of your dell pc, for example dimension 3000.

From what i can gather from your post, it sounds as though the system profiler is reporting your processor to be underclocked and running slower than it should be, 2.8ghz p4 run at that speed, 2.8ghz, the same goes for 3.0ghz p4's they don't run at a lower clock speed than their name suggests as amd cpus do. I don't think an overclock is what you need, just a bios tweek to bring your processor back up to it's correct speed.

post your model and someone i'm sure someone can advise the exact speed the processor is supposed to run at.

  Charence 14:49 28 Oct 2004

System Info:

Dell Dimension 2350, I'm not sure where I can get a model number. But on the invoice it says that the CPU is (April 27b) Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.5GHz. But on the System Profiler it says a CPU with maximum clock speed 2.8GHz is actually installed.

Would I be able to change a setting in a BIOS to increase speed?

Cheers, Charence

  JonnyTub 14:52 28 Oct 2004

well if the invoice states a 2.5ghz processor then that's what it is, you can probably perform a small overclock with the standard heatsink, but for any kind of modest overclock, your going to require a better one than is probably installed, if your'e determined to overclock the cpu (and i don't recommend you do unless you know what your doing) then google the question and you'll find websites detailing how and the best precautions to take.

  Charence 14:53 28 Oct 2004

BIOS Vendor: Mitac International

BIOS Version: A01

  Charence 14:58 28 Oct 2004

I'll not overclock it, I was just a bit suprised that the System Profile says I'm not running at Max clock speed. And I was wondering whether they had underclocked it because I didn't pay for 2.8GHz version.

NB - My reason for believing that they underclocked it was because my other computer NEC SM450B actually had 3 USB ports, but when I bought it I never paid extra money for better model which had 3 ports so my version had same mobo but one of them was just covered up so I didn't know it was there (until I opened up the case).


  Charence 15:21 28 Oct 2004

just tried to change settings in BIOS but there weren't any for the CPU...nevermind.


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