Increase 2GB limit for Outlook from Office XP

  mak2 19:03 18 May 2008

Does outlook have 2GB limit if it was part of Office XP, if so is there a way of increasing it?

Help required.

  Clapton is God 19:09 18 May 2008

What 2GB limit are you talking about?

2GB limit for what?

  MAT ALAN 19:10 18 May 2008

click here

this may help...

  mak2 19:22 18 May 2008

CiG, 2gb limit for outlook.
M A, Thanks, I've had a read thru it, it looks complicated to create new pst file and do I just drag emails across into the new folder.

  MAT ALAN 19:24 18 May 2008

I think you can use export to move the files...

  mak2 22:23 18 May 2008

Thanks I'll try that.

  Taff™ 22:38 18 May 2008

How big is your archive.pst ? The answer may be to archive more folders, just change the archive defaults for personal folders.

  mak2 22:48 18 May 2008

Archive's not very big, about half a gig.

  Taff™ 06:18 19 May 2008

My Outlook dates back three years, prior to that I have older archives should I ever need them. My Outlook.pst is half a gig and the archive.pst 800 Mb. The Auto Archive settings on the majority of my personal folders is set to 60 days (Sent mail 30, Business mail 90 for example) I can access the archive via the Archive folder within the Current view.

The answer is a combination of this and Mat Alan`s suggestion. Every six months I look at the archive folders and ruthlessly delete anything I really have no need for & I export the archive folders to a new file called backup.pst and continue with the current set up. That way I should have at least two copies of everything.

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