Incorrect size CD-r's Or Not

  BigAl127 17:38 21 Aug 2003

I've just purchased a pack of CD-R's which are supposed to be 90 Minute 800Mb. However, My computer, Nero 5.10 and Easy CD 5 all show the discs as 703Mb.

Do you think the discs been packaged incorrectly, or is there something I need to do, within the programs to change the size. Overburn is enabled is Nero, but the size still shows as 703Mb.

Thank in advance for any advice.

  BarryKeith 19:30 21 Aug 2003

You may be able to burn the CD-R's, but I think you will find that Nero cannot "see" the full 800Mb, so you would have to work out how much you can add yourself. Many CD burning programs suffer this limitation as they were written before large disks became available.

  krypt1c 20:13 21 Aug 2003

Try updating Nero 5 with the latest update which 5.5.1042 from click here

  BigAl127 23:32 21 Aug 2003

BarryKeith - Thanks for the info.

Krypt1c - Updated Nero - CD-r's still show as 703Mb.

Programs refuse to write File of size 754Mb to Cd-R's. Any further ideas appreciated.

  DieSse 23:44 21 Aug 2003

All the info I've seen says you have to turn on "Disc at once" writing, and Overburn, in order to write 800Mb CDs-

Bear in mind that they are actually out of specification, and all CD-writers may not be able to use them anyway.

Read the Nero FAQ about them here click here

  krypt1c 00:17 22 Aug 2003

Just a thought. Have you got Nero Express installed ? If so this appears to support 90min discs. Don't know how I've got it, unless it came as part of one of the updates.

  Stuartli 01:05 22 Aug 2003

The figure 703MB seems to be something that is not quite right....:-)

It is usually 650 or 700MB.

Nero Express, incidentally, is included in Nero 5 from very soon after version 5.5 commenced - it's intended to simplify the burning process for newcomers, but is quite splendid in its own right.

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