"incorrect msdos version"

  [DELETED] 20:08 23 Oct 2003

After taking a long while to get win98se up and running on a new mobo Asus A7N8X I got to point of installing Hyperos. Had to uninstall it again (don't ask) and lost mouse function. USB and PS/2. Couldn't get mouse redetected.

Hyperos forum suggested running a generic driver "mouse.com" from the hyperos directory on C. Did this. No mouse.

Went back to Partition Magic and managed to navigate using the keyboard which is not my strong point never having had to do it much. Long and short is I made a real mess with lots of errors whihc I then tried to delete. Got an error message on apply.

I decided to do a complete LLF again as I did not want this to mess up any subsequent installation.

Using boot floppy to run Powermax (LLF utility for my drive) gave no error message but the machine just kept switching to the A:\ prompt.

Long and short is I cannot now even get anywhere from dos!

Trying to switch to D:\ gives "invalid drive specified" message.

I tried to boot into FDisk from A:\prompt to see if I could get out that way...message was "incorrect msdos version"

Is there a way out of this. Am I or am I going to need to get a new HD?

  [DELETED] 20:31 23 Oct 2003

I dont know Hyperos,But try reseting the bios (Load failsafe Defaults)then fdisk from W98se boot floppy.& presumably youve only one partition ..So why D: it should be the default C: ,You havent got WinXP somwewhere in there as well have you ?

  [DELETED] 01:29 24 Oct 2003

Did you uninstall HyperOs according to their manual's instructions? It seems as though the HyperOs D partition might still be set up, although if you created it according to the manual it will be only 100 mb and a FAT16 partition so not much use to Win 98.

If you've got a Partition Magic rescue floppy disc set which can get you out of the present mess by giving you a second chance to delete the partitions and start again. If not, and you don't know anyone with one, mail me using the envelope icon by my name and I'll mail you one. Working on that without the mouse is best done slowly, thinking about each move before making it. It's the Tab key to change the focus around the items, the Cursor arrows to run down lists, the Space Bar to enter a tick against a selected partition line, and Enter of course to action each selection.

Once out of this mess, it's best to set up a backup partition at the end of the drive and use Drive Image or similar to place a restore image in there which can undo any future HyperOs situation that might occur.

  [DELETED] 09:53 24 Oct 2003

Thanks for your posts.

Have managed to get a bit further through the quagmire. Fairly mundane (and embarrasing) reason for issues mentioned above.

In using PM with the keyboard (and not very efficiently) I somehow changed things so that drive letters were reassigned. CDROM and DVDROM were being identified as drives F and G when I looked closely at boot screen from floppy. So I was requesting a run from a drive that was not recognised at that point. Managed to sort this out with PM. Can't explain why things didn't seem to be running correctly from A:\ prompt....?

In process, somewhere along the line I managed to get optical cordless mouse working again on both USB and PS/2 when it had seemed totally dead and was not even being deteced by USB but basic PS/2 mouse was picking up.......??

Yet another issue complicating the picture is that my LLF utility, Powermax, supplied by Quantum, would not recognise my HD. Discovered this morning from their website that it will not work with mobo's with embedded NVidia chipsets. New version due for release soon.

So....seem to be solving the ever evolving issues.....

Flecc, for future use, can I create the PM floppy rescue disk(s) from the version bundled with Hyperos??

  [DELETED] 19:48 24 Oct 2003

I'm afraid not, it's only a basic version of PM with just it's fundamentals. You can extract the floppy creation part of PM from the installation CD of any version by using the Rescue folder which contains the necessary as long as the creation is run in a Windows 9x version. If you can't get hold of anyone's suitable CD (there have been free issues of PM 5 on magazine CDs), mail me as said above and I'll post the floppies to you.

Glad you've got out of your current troubles. By the way, I recommended using Drive Image to have a recovery option, and thought I'd mention that I take a full image of the entire HyperOs system from drives C to N as an addition to HyperOs's own backup, storing it on a second hard drive. It's the best way of guaranteeing that all that setup work can't be lost.

  [DELETED] 15:44 25 Oct 2003

Thanks Flecc. Will get back to you on that if I may? I'll take a look through the endless magazine CD's I have (good excuse to rationalise) before I ask you to go to the trouble of posting floppies to me.

Will post back here soon with one or two snagging issues.....

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