Incorrect (ISPs’?) Email date-time stamps

  Danoh 10:02 26 Jul 2005

Recently I’ve had emails from two friends in separate far eastern countries whose emails to me have date-time stamps which are 7 and 9 hours ahead. By this I mean the date-time shown in my Outlook 2002/XP inbox is correct but the date-time shown in the email content when I reply as being 7 and 9 hours ahead, respectively.

I have verified with both friends that the date-times shown in my Outlook are always the correct UK date-times relative to when they sent their emails. Their PC clocks are also correctly set to their local time zones. Their time zone differences do not relate to the 7 and 9 hours date-time differences. They use different ISPs, in different countries and I do not have correspondents using the same ISPs to see if they are the only ones affected. Previous emails from both of them have been fine.

Has anyone experienced this phenomenum before? Or know what could cause this?

  Danoh 17:26 26 Jul 2005

Turns out to be a case of "user error" for one of my friends. She was adament she has the correct date and time set. Which she did. But she had the Time Zone set incorrectly as for another country where she was at!! Every time she corrected the Date and Time, the automatic weekly Internet Time check and adjustment changed it to the Time Zone she still had on her computer!

Chances are that the other friend has done exactly the same thing so I’ll tick this as resolved.

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