incorrect E-mail address

  jack 17:31 28 Jun 2007

I was passed an E-mail address over the telephone - which I wrote as they spoke and read it back- which was comfirmed
It read - [email protected]

It bounced with the message 'The address must contain a domain.'

Looking through my address book I find others on Sky have " .net " not ".com " as an ender
So I altered it to ".net"
It still bounced
So what form is the corruption/incorrect info taking?
And why some times - which is my end
.com- which is some others
.net net sill others ?
And what is a Domain -the ISP name or something else?

  p;3 17:33 28 Jun 2007

I would ask do you know for definite the e mail address actually exists or are you being conned?

and if someone tells ME an e mail adress and I am at my comp I test it out there and then

  Batch 17:54 28 Jun 2007

A full explanation of domains is quite lengthy.

However, as the US was the front runner on the internet, it used non-country specific Top Level Domains (TLDs). E.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG

When others got involved, to differentiate they had country specific TLDs. So you end up with, etc. Each country has its own domain registration authority. Having said that you can easily buy domains from other countries. (e.g. click here) tv is the TLD for Tuvalu but UK's Channel 5 has registered its main site with a .tv is a domain as is as is etc.

  jack 19:54 28 Jun 2007

Fortunately the individual -who new to Internet use - lives but 5 doors down the road, but I was intrigued
to know about domain names - because that is what the message read - not a known account for example.
How it is the address passed was when other names in my book on Sky all end in net.
and having changed this one to net in case it was passed incorrectly- it still bounced,

  Sea Urchin 21:19 28 Jun 2007

Why not ask your contact to send you an email, and you can then check the address it has come from.

  jack 10:45 29 Jun 2007

Sea Urchin
Of course -already done.
But the problem remains- understanding the significance differences between. .com-.-net - .org for example
My ISP address ends in for example
But in some instances it will come in as .net

ISP's can be or .net or .com
whats the subtle difference?

  Batch 14:56 29 Jun 2007

Technically, is discrete and separate from, just as much as is discrete and separate from

Sky may choose to have several, similarly named, domains but they are all, as far as the Internet is concerned, distinct from one another. Just like Mr ReddishBrown is distinct from Mr ReddishBrowne - they are two separate people OR it may be one person that chooses to use both names - but they are still distinct names.

  p;3 16:37 29 Jun 2007

so how WAS this resolved?

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