Incomplete XP Install

  MoiraB 12:54 02 Apr 2004

I started to install XP on my machine which has 98. The files were transferred to my hard disk but when the installation started I was warned that it would not be successful on the same partition as 98 so I decided to abandon the installation as I didn't want to format the hard drive to remove 98. Now when I boot the machine I get a message asking if I want to start with the XP startup or with Microsoft Windows. How can I get rid of this message? If I removed the files on the C drive that I think were those transferred when I started to install would that do it? There's nothing in "Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall it.

  Lozzy 13:05 02 Apr 2004

You need to go into Boot.ini na d remove the xp line frmom there. You get there if memory serves me right by clicking start run then type msconfig..

  MoiraB 19:39 02 Apr 2004

Boot.ini didn't appear when I hit msconfig but I found it on the C drive. Removed the XP line but now it starts up showing Microsoft Windows and Windows (Default) which sets us off on the same routine as the XP Startup. Should I replace the line after the "Default" with "Microsoft Windows"?

  temp003 06:02 03 Apr 2004

You can do either of 2 things.

One is to open boot.ini as before and edit the line beginning with the word "default" by changing "default=C:\$WIN_NT.~BT\bootsect.dat" to "default=C:\"

Under the section [operating systems], there should be only one line, which should refer to Windows 98. If there's another line referring to "Windows XP Setup", delete it.

Save the file and exit. Restart and you'll go straight into 98. This way, you're still using the XP boot loader, which will still work even without a proper XP OS there.

A better alternative is to prepare a 98 boot floppy. If you haven't got one, you can download it from click here and create the floppy.

Then restart computer with 98 floppy and at the A:\> prompt, type:

sys c:

and press Enter. You'll get a message "system transferred". This turns the boot sector back to 98 boot sector.

Remove floppy and restart into 98. Then (1) Delete the folder C:\$WIN_NT.~BT. This is the temporary XP installation folder which can be deleted. (2) Delete 4 files under your C drive: ntldr,, boot.ini and bootsect.dos [Only delete these files after using the sys c: command from the 98 floppy.]

Then if you still want to install XP, without having to reinstall programs and losing data, just take the upgrade route.

After taking the above steps (i.e. using sys c: command, and deleting files and folders), in 98, just insert XP CD, and choose the upgrade option. Follow the prompts. Files will be copied again to your hard drive, and you'll be prompted to restart. Leave CD in, but let computer restart from hard disk.

You will then go into the graphical user interface stage of XP Setup. Follow the prompts.

  MoiraB 12:51 03 Apr 2004

Thanks Temp003 that worked perfectly.

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