Incomplete web page load

  Sealer 20:00 20 May 2011

Hi I seem to have lost a paticular web page (incomplete load) somehow this wont load for me anymore

If you look at this page you will possibly see a list of satellites under "your location" and "Most Popular Satellites..."

This wont work for me it just stays trying to load the list of satellites; the page loads apart from that.

I have plenty of memory and have used this page before only last week it was fine....what could i have done?

Any help would be great

  birdface 20:15 20 May 2011

Works Ok for text

  Secret-Squirrel 08:02 21 May 2011

When webpages suddenly start misbehaving like that the first thing to try is a hard refresh by pressing CTRL+F5.

If that doesn't work, and you're using IE, then close all browser windows, go to Control Panel -> Internet Options, delete your Temporary Internet Files then try the site again.

  Sealer 11:28 21 May 2011

Thanks Secret-Squirrel, Been there done that, also checked privacy and security but still not sorted.

Did you go look at page?

If so you will have seen a spinning gif and speed/java message before you get the satellite list.....(not the dropdown)

thats where i get stuck


  Secret-Squirrel 12:46 21 May 2011

Yes, I did look at your page, and like buteman, it rendered just fine.

I can replicate your problem by disabling "Active Scripting" in IE's security settings for the Internet zone. I know you say you've checked that section but confirm that scripting is enabled. You could also of course reset that zone to its default level.

If that doesn't help then try this browser test. Does it report any problems? If so, what are they?

Have you tried an alternative browser? If you have and it behaves the same way then whatever security software you're running could be blocking JavaScript so check its settings, or if possible, temporarily disable it for testing purposes.

Let us know how you get on.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:01 21 May 2011

.....forgot to mention above that another useful test is to try the "No Add-ons" version of IE. If your site works in that mode than the culprit is likely to be a third-party add-on.

  Sealer 13:24 21 May 2011


Your browser test only gives me a banner at the top of page all the rest is white (nothing loads)

Also tried Active Scripting... no change


  Sealer 13:45 21 May 2011

Tried no addons, nothing good here!

Strangly enough: Tried to download google Chrome but it wont let me accept (terms) and install. Tried several times!!

How bizzarre

  Secret-Squirrel 15:40 21 May 2011

There are clearly some bizarre things going on.

The browser test thingy should display a page showing various items such as JavaScript, Java, and Flash etc with either a green tick or a red X depending on whether that feature's working or not.

As you got exactly the same behaviour in IE's no add-ons version then it would appear that IE's broken. That doesn't however explain your Google Chrome problem.

As a final test, restart your PC in "Safe Mode with Networking" and try all those things again. That'll help determine whether all your issues are caused by a Windows/IE problem or whether something in normal boot mode is interfering with things.

  birdface 21:53 21 May 2011

Just to let you know that Secret-Squirel's browser test worked for me.It was mainly down to Flash and java tests which were ticked.

So maybe you need to update your Flash and Java programs.

  woodchip 23:27 21 May 2011

I copied Pasted the Address into a browser Page, Flock Browser using Firefox Engine and it loaded fully. It may be the Browser you are using

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