incompatible CD rewriter

  derrickL 08:00 14 Aug 2003

my pc runs on ME and I back up my M Money file on CDRW using Easy CD Creator Adaptec, just bought a Lap Top and it has CD/DVDRW It reads professional cd's but won't read my cdrw or other cdr 's from friends with family photos etc. so I can't import my Money file to the Lap top Help please Thanks

  stlucia 08:46 14 Aug 2003

I'm afraid its a known problem that some combination drives (i.e. ones that read CDs and DVDs) can't read some home-burned CDs.

One thing you can try, is to use CDR media instead of CDRW, and then check the "close to read on all drives" (somthing like that) option in Easy CD Creator when you're ejecting the CD after burning it.

  derrickL 08:51 14 Aug 2003

will try later when I get home

  hssutton 08:53 14 Aug 2003

I assume you are using ECDC on your laptop. I use "Drag to Disk. v6"on my various combination of PCs. have yet to encounter any problems.

  hugh-265156 08:54 14 Aug 2003

as above,i have a combo drive and it doesnt like cdrw discs.cdrs work ok but it insists on my buying good quality ones for it.

try burning cdr discs at a lower speed,try x4 or x8 and see if the new drive will read them.

  derrickL 09:03 14 Aug 2003

is that a cd writer mine has "record now dx"
Is "drag to disk V6 " obtainable and should I put it on my PC and Laptop

  hssutton 13:54 14 Aug 2003

Sorry derrickL, I should have explained a little better, v6 is ECDCs latest ofering ECDC CD & DVD Writer. "Drag to Disk" is a newer version of direct CD.


  derrickL 08:06 15 Aug 2003

many thanks using cdr good quality worked
thank everyone for useful tips

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